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The habit of reading always keeps your brain young.
The habit of reading improves your vocabulary.
The habit of reading encourages you to achieve your life goal.
This makes you more sensible.
The habit of reading teaches you new things. And keep you one step ahead of your friends.
What can be the easier way to increase your leadership skills by reading?
How to make this and asana?

Find some good writers. Writer such as Shiv Khera, Chetan Bhagat, Peter Drucker, and Svet Mondan are one of the world's most attracted and famous writers, you can never go to the wrong path by reading them. Select one author at one time and try to follow the same principles and keep reading them. I can say with the claim that this will give you a lot of happiness.

Find some good blogs. We find very effective blogs written by great people and leaders in today's world.

This is the best way to develop your brain. You do not have to do MBA for this, but for that you can do any small courses based on leadership, management or personal development.

Put aside some time. Reading out of your busy schedules is very easy to throw, but if you want to be a great leader, then you have to give some time to read from your day. Whether you have time in the morning, two in the evening or two of lunch breaks. It depends on you at what time you like to read.

Some people come from the train frequently because of us, so reading this will be appropriate, we can make good use of this time too.

Go to the local library. There are all the books we want to buy. That is why it is always better to read and read in the library by saving money rather than buying a bookbug.

Buy Kindle. According to the researchers, those people who use kindles read three times more than the people who do not use Kindle.

Some of the above mentioned remedies for reading will definitely work for you but one of the most important things is that you have to leave the reason for reading. Your mind will have to get used to reading everyday. Only then will you become a better leader.

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yes lot of benefits we can get great knowledge