I am Immuned To Corruption; You too Can; This Is How

10개월 전

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This question. Is basically about Corruption which has been Refered severally as the Chief culprit Driving Underdevelopment in the the World.

Deviating a little from the norm, Corruption has been with mankind from time Imemorial. It is inherent in man for self preservation and sustainance, especially in the face of inadequate common resources. It is indeed borne out of competitive Spirit, without which, no man call live as he would be preyed on by friends and foes.

Is corruption a good attribute? If it preserves and sustain; how should it be denoted??

When this concept is misconcepted, Corruption become a Challenge, which we must fight to conquer; but placed in its proper perspective it(Corruption) becomes a bogey which elevates to Successdom..

The Natural Human is selfish, Prefarimg self to others, wanting to be served than to serve. To attain this he takes advantage of others for self benefit. This is natural as no human intervention can erode it.

How does it becomes advantageous?

By exploring the weakness in selfishness, to your advantage. Whenever Officers Employ their Children and siblings is an indication of Job Scarcity. What to do ? Up your skill above the average and avail to whoever need it a little lower cost to them. In a short time , you would be preferred than their siblings and relatives. This may not necessarily make them to sack their own, but it will definitely keep you in the job permanently as long as your productivity is Maintained at top notch.

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