If You Want A Mature Discussion, Go To Reddit's Unpopular Opinion

4년 전

I recently stumbled upon this gem, the Unpopular Opinion subreddit!

People dish out opinions that aren't going to be well received, and I love it.

From what I've read so far, it's mature and backed by good points.

A good break from conspiracy theory videos and articles tinged with confirmation bias and hate don't you think?

Here's a few popular unpopular opinions which I like:

 Most popular youtubers are some of the most annoying people 

 I can't take people seriously when they plaster their good deeds all over social media 

 I think Brock Turner is being unfairly treated 

 While I don't support Trump I find myself rooting for him 

 Any sexual harassment claim that hasn’t been proven should be classified as libel/slander until otherwise 


Now here's my unpopular opinion:

I think cosplay is lame.

Very lame.

While I do respect the passion and art behind it, I find it highly annoying whenever I see cosplayer on the internet.

Every time I some video or gif of them in their conventions and shit, they're always goofing around with their getup.

So to me it feels like they think they're all that due to the costumes alone.


Come on, put in some effort to actually make some real comedy.

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