An easy way to change your life

5년 전

  There are only few people in the world who don’t want to change anything in their lives. We all need changes in different spheres of life.     

  But nothing will change until we do something about it, until we leave our streamlined paths and traditional views, until we think in a new way and drag creativity out.   

  Most people who succeed in applying a creative approach to their lives gained joy and were pleased by their self-fulfillment and creativity. Their brand new ideas were basic in some successfully implemented projects and earned great money for them as well.   

  There are some simple but effective ways to develop your creative skills. But I’ll speak about it later.  

 First of all let’s see some of the ideas which gained success, appreciation and wealth for their owners.    

   The unique hotel… a former underwater laboratory 

This cool idea appeared in minds of two scientists from Florida. When top managers decided to close their underwater laboratory, the scientists bought the underwater construction and started their own business. They reorganized laboratory into the most romantic mini-hotel in the world with only two rooms - each room for one couple.      

  Magnificent views open on entering the hotel rooms – the walls and the ceiling are made of secure glass and absolutely transparent. Moreover, there is a high comfort level in this hotel: a kitchen, two bedrooms, a shower, several relax rooms and support staff. The way to this hotel is unique too – it can be reached only in a diving suite.  

  This creative idea brought popularity to these scientists in the touristic sphere and sustainable income as well. There is a long line for living in this hotel. The rooms should be booked not less than half a year before the date. The hotel is never empty; a room costs USD 350 per a night.  

   One million dollars pillow 

An ordinary housewife, mother of two kids Kim Lavine saw a bag filled with grains, which her husband used for feeding the deers in the backyard, and thought: “Perhaps, if I stuff a pillow with grains and warm it in a microwave, I will have a SPA-pillow for relaxation!”     


  The pillow was ready in half an hour. It really had health benefits for kids and adults – the pillow helped to relax, relieve tension, get rid of stress, and soothe the muscle pain. Kim began to present her friends and relatives with such a pillow, and in some time she began to craft the pillows for her neighbours and acquaintances and earn money. Kim’s neighbours’ children could not sleep well, but with the help of grain pillow they fell asleep immediately. Kim’s popularity grew day by day and a bit later she realized that her idea is worth further development.  

  Kim had enough courage to move forward, she spent a lot of time and strength to push her idea forward. Wuvit®, an empire of relaxing pillows, was the prize for her hard work. Wuvit®’s annual income is USD 700 mln. The woman didn’t stop: she added pyjamas and linen in her product line and later Kim wrote a book, where she shared her story of success. This book promptly became a bestseller. But that was not the limit – Kim started a new media project Mommy Millionaire Media.  

  Now Kim is one of the widely known people in the world and a multimillionaire. An ordinary housewife believed in herself and turned her innovative idea to the world business.    

       Well, creativity is something beyond the traditional limits, it is the ability to think in an unusual way, to create new projects on the basis of old things and ideas we’ve all got accustomed to. It is the skill of looking for brand new ideas and find unconventional solutions. It is the ability to look at the problem from another angle and to solve it by a unique way. This is a freedom from stereotypes, peculiarity, flexible thinking.      

    How can we wake creative elements up? 

There are a lot of various books and articles concerning this topic. There are many devices and techniques for creative elements development in different spheres of life as well. It took me some time to learn them and to exercise some of them, so I chose and systematized some of the easy, available and effective techniques. 

Hope they will be beneficial to you. 


    Do something new every day

 Be creative means to live beyond the planned and ordinary things.     

  Do something that you haven’t tried before.  It can be anything.

  For example,  сhoose new routes for a walk and another road for coming home. 

If you are right handed, use your left hand to open/close the doors, dialing telephone numbers, grabbing things – try to do it as long as you can. 

Switch off the sound while watching a movie of a TV show; try to make up your own story based on the episodes you’ve just seen..and so on.  

  Do something usual in an unusual way! For example, fry eggs in a different not the way you usually do. 

 Cook fried eggs in a form of a star or a heart or some other form. Bring joy and excitement to your relatives.   

     Satisfy your curiosity 

Don’t hide your interest to something new. Ask as much questions as you can on any topic that surrounds you. New knowledge and images will leave a trace in your consciousness and help create new bounds and forms in your way of thinking. These forms in their turn will change your perception and attitude.

Don’t be afraid to seem ridiculous or foolish. Your curiosity can bring the most unexpected results , which will be envied by others later.

    Surround yourself by creative people 

Meet interesting and creative people – people who will excite, astonish and inspire you, whom sometimes you don’t understand, who doesn’t belong to this plain world. 

Spend more time playing with kids. The communication with kids pumps up your creativity, because children are open to anything new, they are always full of ideas and excitement. Draw pictures with kids. The process of drawing helps to develop imaginative thinking.  

  Draw any item you see, yourself, your relatives or your home pet. The more peculiar the better, add some funny details. It is not important whether you’re good at drawing or not. Just be a kid at that moment, let it create freely.   

  Set a deadline for your goal 

Though people’s art works are often the result of inspiration, a good motivation can push a person forward. Students and those who like to put off things till tomorrow know about this fact. Sometimes the right goal makes us do our creative best. For example, look at this motivated pig, isn’t it ready for everything to get a cake:   

  Do what you like 

I believe this is the main and most effective tip. 

Do what you like to do. We do our best at things we love. Develop the things you are successful at.  

  Think about other people 

  How do you  think,  if  Satoshi Nakamoto  thought only about himself, would he invented Bitcoins? 

American psychologists discovered that we are more creative when we do something for others. We are inspired by the fact that we can be useful for someone. It sounds unbelievable but you can create more for your relative or friend than for yourself. And if you think about many people, your creative energy will boost.   

  Don’t be afraid of being unique 

Be creative today means be yourself. We are all created as different personalities to make something unique. What do you do in your life in a different and unique way? Continue to do this, develop your personality! Don’t compare what you have inside with what others have outside. Sometimes it is more important to be unique than to be the best. The real success comes to those, who “playing” with something new, have realized that he or she can apply their unique personality to that. 

If you regularly waking a creator inside of yourself, it will soon became your favourite thing to do. Then it will turn to a habit. In a blink of your eye the most unexpected ideas will sparkle in your mind. These ideas will change your life. And who knows, maybe tomorrow we will know you as a person who changed the live of the whole country or even the world.    

  I wish you new achievements!  

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