Vietnamese students "exposed" life in Korea is not as dreamy as the film footage

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Everyday work from 12 to 15 hours, neglected education, live in fear of deportation and anxiety about the future ... that is what many of the students in Vietnam at Korea is facing.
When it comes to international students, people think they are young people with a dreamlike life and a bright future. Especially those who study in Korea - a country with a pink color by countless beautiful scenery, life development, civilization and a part to "like" their movies.
This is probably true for those who are financially backed by the family, and young people with difficult family circumstances who wish to "live off" or "change their lives".
Do, do and ... do it again
On average, foreign students work 12 to 15 hours, even 18 hours, all kinds of hard labor, such as harvesting sugarcane, washing dishes, loading, cleaning, paint sweep, rent lime ...
Many of you are unfamiliar, the hands are always flushed, the skin is flaking each piece, legs are wet. Sleeping, burying his head in the "blanket" extra 5 minutes is a luxury for international students, because a few minutes late was a big deal.
Meals rushed on the bus or sleep on the subway has become familiar with them. The moments of shame at the beginning must be forgotten, because not eating can not afford to pay tuition fees, cover life and send to parents the debt of several hundred million before running to get here.
Nguyen Van Manh, a student of the Korean Language and Literature Department at Soongsil University, said, "To Korea, what I do, do pho restaurant, do night, do yard, do construction during summer vacation. , do at karaoke, teach Vietnamese, go to translate ... almost went through.
When I go to work, I know I have money. While college students stay at home every month for money parents, every month I go to work earn money.
But every time I phoned, no one asked me how well? Learn how? Is it just making a lot of money? Send more? Then compared. At that time only try to do and do it. There are days I work from afternoon until the next morning. "

Study, study and ... study again
I wonder, every day work hard to sleep time is not enough so, where do you get out of health and time to study? "The day I sleep less than 5 hours, always go to school tired, the teacher said anything nodded, right nodded, but wrong ... also nod. Van Manh confided.
When you work exhausted, it is impossible to concentrate on your studies. I know many cases where students stay home from school to sleep; others leave 70% of their class time to go to work. There have been many cases of students and students in our country to study in Korea but deported to the country, the reason is that the number of sessions exceeded.
Embracing the situation of Manh, Hong Nhung (studying in Korea) said that she also came to Korea for a year, encountered many difficulties, especially the balance between learning and doing.
"I'm really disillusioned, the schedule is tight, the tension is intense in the days near the test, there are days to go home to the same people are tired, not eager to learn anymore. Because the future is so blind, "the girl shared.

At work, absent many, the school warned, have to reduce the hours, even work off to focus on the notebook. There is not enough money to live, so return to the "plow" status as the original. Back to work, again absent, the school warned ...; It was accompanied by the fear that one day I would be repatriated, or wondered about an uncertain future.
Strenuous, rounding in the life, even forced to make overtime, minus money (there are places pressure 3000 - 4000won / 1h about 60 thousand - the price is very low), but most often asked They do not want to go to Vietnam but try to stay in this costly country.
Therefore, it is no more than trying to reconcile learning and doing. Strong thinking that "It is quite difficult because self must adapt to work and study, especially at first.
I have just learned to do, from morning until 11 am to set foot in the room, although tired but also try to learn to sleep. Now I have enough money to prepare to pay for college and the last two years I won a scholarship. Living in Korea is a great challenge, but if you know how to balance it, you will get over it. "

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