Again some personal stuff




again a short post about some personal things going on.

At work, due to the thing that the markets are down everybody is going crazy. Almost everyone is tense and personal issues come out.

Of course I'm not shielded out and get my fair share of adversity. As for the past year I had to work for two as one guy quit and I took his work I'm kind of overloaded. By that, I can't master all things and some slip out and some hit the wall.

It happens, and most I let it pass me. Today I didn't and got angry. We have a bank holiday in the South-East part of Germany and I was working as I do on some of the weekends.

I missed some emails back some weeks ago, and today it blew out. A guy whom I don't have the best relationship, waits for me to make mistakes to escalate it to the whole management, as he did today.

Most I ignore him, but today he got me so mad.

Luckily, it was a free day for me so I did not replied on the spot, I spoke only to my manager whom I yelled a little as I see no support.

When I'm angry, I'm very aggressive and not the best person. I need to chill down in the first minutes before acting.

Then I can handle it, but the first 5 minutes I drive mad and have not the best tactical actions. When I was young I did some fighting sports. Sometimes getting mad on the opponent was a blessing as the knock-out came in fast, sometimes it was a curse as the opponent was much bigger than me and only by fighting tactical I would stand a chance. This is also here the case, the guy who is making me trouble is in a much higher position. So the tactical fight would be my strategy.

I handle anger by going out to fresh air and think fast a lot of scenarios and outcomes. This helps me the most to realize what I can do.

How do you handle such situations? How do you handle anger?


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Even though no one can hear your internal "voice", you have to control that inner voice. If you allow that voice to justify your anger, you'll feel angry.
It takes a lot of practice just to stop that voice, let alone reprogram it. Personally I just tell myself that whatever it is that bothers me, is just helping me PRACTICE my patience.

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Ich versuche mich von ärgert fernzuhalten. Am besten gelingt mir das mit meiner Kamera, auf einer Wiese voller Schmetterlinge 🦋

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Play mostly long games. In the end, you win.

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