How can a person forgets everything easily?

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In fact, it is a reasonable thing if you forget the name or things you just learned. This happens because the information you just learned not to the memory or deep root brain, or you are not focused in remembering the new thing we learned.

Please note that our brain storage capacity is indeed large, but the brain still needs a new space to keep things important. As a result, the brain will "delete" information considered less important, less specific, and rarely remembered.

Causes are difficult to remember

1. Overwhat consumption of saturated fat

Without us realize, the diet can affect the brain in remembering something. Especially, if your cholesterol, glucose, or blood pressure is too high, blood vessels around your brain will be vulnerable to damage.

2. Rare sports

sports can make the brain drain the blood optimally. Sports can also make the body's insulin levels reduced, inflammatory reduced, and stimulates the growth hormone that is a chemical in the brain that can affect the health of brain cells, blood growth in the brain, and the brain of new brain cells.

3. The smoking habit and use of drugs

is unrecious without us realizing, smoking habits can damage the ability to remember you, because smoking can reduce oxygen that gets to the brain. While the use of drugs can damage the ability to remember you by replacing the chemical in the brain that makes the brain difficult to make the brain difficult to remember it.

4. Less sleep

Relationships between sleeping with brain memory capability. When you sleep, brain waves are produced to save memory. The wave will transfer hippocampus to the prefrontal cortex, which is a long-term memory place stored, so when you sleep less, brain memory will not get to the prefrontal cortex. As a result, you will be easier to forget in remembering something, such as something name.

5. Depression and stress

other than to interfere with daily life, deprei and stress can interfere with concentration and ability remember. When you depressed and stress, your mind will experience overstimulation or disturbed, thus making the ability to remember your brain to decrease. In fact, stress can not cause emotional trauma that can lead to memory loss.

6. Age

as age development, the ability to remember a person will decrease. A study mentions that memory loss is not part of age, because the brain will always be able to produce new cells at any age. Therefore, when we forget, in fact we just need time to remember it back, so we just delayed remember, not the loss of remembering, not the loss of remembering.

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