Asher's Birthday Countdown (ABC) Day 2

2년 전

Some fun facts about the little guy;


What can I say? The boy clearly got his priorities right 😂 I hope it stays that way, I understand different babies respond and react differently when it comes to preferences. Some don't like food touching their lips even in the slightest bit and it has to do with their differentiation towards texture. My first born had no problem with food, too when she started solids. This, both siblings are quite similar.


He loves playing with his sister. (For now, though I hope it stays that way!!) 💓

I count myself incredibly blessed to have both my children liking each other and appreciating each other's company. I remember the look on Ali's face the moment she set her eyes on her little brother for the first time after we got home from the hospital. Asher and I were waiting for her in the living room. Her eyes lit up and her gesture turned into the most gentle touch as she basked in the moment of finally meeting her little brother. I knew she will one day be a protector. And I am sure they will have each other's backs.

Can you believe it? This boy started calling papa, mama and jiejie around 10 months plus and he just stopped calling us since except for his sister. Everytime whenever he wakes up ahead of her he made sure he'd wake her up by calling her "Chi... Chi... " and tapping and pulling her. I always had to pull him away in case his sister kicks him in the face for waking her up 😂 So far, he's safe. Too cute and too bouncy to get kicked. LOL (lucky!)


He is now secretly trying to stand up unassisted. I said secretly because it seems like he doesn't want us to see him doing that 😂

He has learnt the art of melting his grandparents' hearts 💕 LOL since our recent trip back to my hometown, he has developed a series of action and patterns in attempt to gain attention and lots of cuddles and kisses. 😂😂😂

The upside; I have not had a backache throughout the two whole weeks at home. Downside? We are back. 😅


If only you could see the look on his face, you'd wanna bite his cheeks for showing that innocent smile coupled by his cute little outstretched arms.


Grandparents 0 : Baby 1


Okay, I shall stop for now. I am resting a little before getting my behind up and start packing for another trip to my husband's hometown.

My sister in law and family are on their way now from Singapore, so by the time we reach tomorrow we'll be seeing them. Ali is thrilled to be meeting her three older cousin brothers again, she misses them! 💓

'Til the next countdown, keep calm and Steem on!





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What a wonderful cute babies! I congratulate your son on his first birthday! It's a wonderful time! :)