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Hello Everybody 😃!!

I hope you are all fine; as for me, I am having a great time!!

Today I found some time to write down my thoughts about what has been happening the last few days in my life and also share some of them with you😉!

So the story of this post goes like this.....I have been listening for some time now to my colleagues talking about their goals and aspirations and what will make them happy! Almost 8 out of 10 (and that is a conservative percentage) focus only on money. And I am not talking about the people that struggle to make a living, grow their children and support their families or people that are in the finance industry!! Not even close!!! 

I am talking about the people that worship money and live for it!! 

I remember when growing up there was one person in our small town that was obsessed with money. The truth is that he made a lot of money but the only thing he managed was for his wife to leave him and his son never to talk to him again! Everybody knew him with the name of “Skroutz”!

Nowadays, it seems that they are the majority of the people! Actually I had this conversation with someone the other day and he was telling me the exact same thing; so now he spends the most of his time in Mauritius, away from the “civilized” and miserable, money and power focused Parisian friends of him.Two days ago, while at a conference in Abu Dhabi, I was introduced to somebody that is also working for the firm I do. I had never met him before and I don’t think our paths will cross any day soon, since we are in completely different divisions and based in different countries….and thank God for that! 

As soon as we got introduced, he was completely inappropriate towards me but rest assured, I have trained myself to be too fast and accurate with guys like him, so I look a bit like this LOL 😂😁

Well….. in a more civilized, quite feminine and of course classy way😉!


But the parody didn’t stop there, you see this guy was plotting the way for his wife to seduce his boss, so he could get the promotion he wanted so badly and the heavy pay rise! And he was sharing this was everybody there at the moment!! 

I mean, things like this, might have happened throughout human history but that was not the rule; plus they were always hidden behind closed doors! So I now wonder to myself, since when husbands become professional pimps and they even broadcast it with pride??!!!  

Where is this world going to? Am I the last of the Romantics 🤷‍♀️??  

Everything is for sale?!! On a global scale, countries are already for sale and the new addition to the Sale Market is History!! Yes, you can buy and sell History now days! Irrelevant if it is your History or not, if you can afford it, you can have it!  

And I won’t even bother stepping into Politics now; firstly because this post will turn into an EPIC and secondly because I think the majority of the people do not realize that this is our problem really! This is our responsibility!!  

YES a lot of Politicians are corrupt, the majority in some cases; like the ones that proceed into History sales and Country Sales and so on BUT, these politicians are being elected by US! They are one way or another, OUR CHOICE!!! They are, our reflection in the mirror, whether we like it or not! But the problem is that we don’t like it!! 

If we want to see a change for the better, we better be the change we want to see first! And then, these Politicians will come out of the equation!  

Now, coming back to my topic… 

Don’t get me wrong, I do not demonize money! Money has its value and is good when is used in order to serve us, not the other way around. Money is not God and shouldn’t be treated as such because then we become the servants or I should better say the slaves, of the ones that hold it!   

The majority of the people, predominately in the western societies on this wild goose chase of money, have lost the balance in their lives; they are emotionally weak, psychologically fragile and mentally unstable. Just look how many people rely on psychotherapy and all kinds of medication and drugs!  

 A line I often hear is this: “I take this to help me to sleep at night”!!   

People have turned into some kind of incompetent creatures, unable to sleep, function, behave, and communicate; additionally on top of all of these, unable to LOVE!! Speaking about love, I have to make a special reference to Pornography (that can be a post on its own); which is a major problem of the modern times we live in!  
The billion making industry that has distorted the image of love and sexual relations within couples by creating addicts and perverts who just want to satisfy their sexual urges without caring and understanding their partner; if there is one!! Because here we are talking about lonely people with crippled personalities! So no chance to LIVE and share their lives with a partner; instead, they just EXIST while everything is about money!   


Made me actually wonder if by losing our self-respect (which I believe is the basis of our existence within the society) and the honest communication with each other, we have also lost our chance for the future!  

Sadly, if this continuous, we will have to realize the hard way that our worth and happiness cannot be calculated and measured in Fiat, Crypto or any other kind of future currency!  

On a happier note, I will be back with photos from the Gulf .....sometime soon😎!  

Until then, enjoy life 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

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Money's cool when it serves you. If you end up serving money, you forget to live life. I am so glad I still spend money like money's nothing. That's a true victory for me.

PS. Six out of the seven greatest things in my life money couldn't buy....

  1. My son
  2. My education and accomplishments in the military (both 100% free)
  3. Each time the ref raised my hand as I was standing victorious in front of hundreds and in some cases thousands of people applauding.
  4. Each time I was in love and shared my love with the special one in bed. I am referring to the actual process of making love with someone I was/am in love with. An emotion of fulfillment that money will never buy (money will only buy you a good fuck, nothing more than that)
  5. The feeling each time a great film, book, song motivates me or even makes me cry. Money can't buy that.
  6. The feeling whenever an article I wrote goes viral and gets millions of views and praise from thousands of commentators. Money can't buy that kind of satisfaction either.

The only thing money has offered me generously is trips. I love traveling and without money I couldn't do it. However, other than that I can't think of anything else that money has contributed to my life. Maybe good food...OK that too. lol

Money can't buy a lot of things in life after all! Money's overrated...No shite!