Life, the biggest gift of all 💖💜💖

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Hello everybody 😀!

It’s been a long time since I wrote something inspirational here on Steemit and since the holiday season is almost here, now I think it’s the right time! So today I have a nice story to share with you that I hope it might inspire others too!

It was last Christmas and I had been invited to a good friend’s Christmas soirée. On Christmas Eve though, my friend John was told by his sweetheart that she didn’t want to be with him anymore! John thought that on New Year’s Day they would announce their engagement but….other things happened instead!  

    As you can understand, instead of a couple of days I spent a week with him and his family. John is a film music composer; he is doing his second doctorate in Germany now but back then he was so devastated, broken and lost that he wanted to stop his studies and soon after, he did. Fortunately he came around this year and he is finishing his studies while he is already on the set of a movie working next to one of his icons!  

So going back to last Christmas, one night that we were talking or I should better say, I was talking, he was recording. I had no idea back then that he was recording me and later on transferred everything I said to a piece of paper, put it on a frame and put it on his wall!!!  

     A couple of days ago I visited him, Frankfurt is only a couple of hours drive from Paris with a beautiful scenery in the between! Then he said to me that - what I said that night - was stuck in his mind all this time and it was what pushed him forward!   

And here are some things of what I told him that night….  
  “You have to have hope that things will get better, even now that you’re so hurt and everything seems so dark and feels so lonely! Don’t let this thing put you down, the sun will rise again; you’ll see it will shatter the darkness and will bring out the light. Just give it time! Failures, mistakes, bad choices, they don’t define you.  
 You should learn from them!  You should use them as a compass to navigate you in your journey in life!! Don’t outlook all those small and big privileges in life that you were given that others are not blessed with! Use your passion and dedication for music to push you in order to go a bit further from where you stand now!   
Then you will struggle against all odds even if everyone is against you! You are gifted with incredible assets!! Use them to your benefit and life will smile back to you!!! 
 And don’t make the mistake to change who you are and lose faith in women just because she could not appreciate you! There will always be people that will not care for you but there will also be people that will be willing to die for you…….and you know what? That’s life!!  
 And life can have all the different types of faces! But you know me; I always prefer to see the beautiful side of life! Hey, it can even be magical, there are no limits you know but you have to work for it! It is not easy! It is not for the lazy and it is not for the bored!! And I know you are not one of those!!!  
 Life will throw at you all kinds of things and I am not just talking about lemons and oranges lol ok? You have to be prepared! See it as a tennis game and show how good your reverse is. See it as a beautiful adventurous game that was a gift to you from God! The biggest gift of all that you should embrace, love and cherish because it won’t last forever, so do your best and enjoy it with all your heart!! “  

 At some point I thought I was reading a book for motivation or something lol. I guess when you love and you try to help with a pure heart, God puts the words in your mouth!  

And a beautiful Christmas song that the lyrics speak to my heart!

Until next time, kisses to you all 💋💋💋

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Inspirational story!!!

Με γεια το new SP girl ;))))

Πότε γυρίζεις; Έχει Black Friday την Παρασκευή ... Σε περιμένω να πάμε για shopping αν και εσύ έχεις κάνει αρκετό εκεί που ήσουν τόσο καιρό ;)


Θα σου πω στο τηλέφωνο, σου στέλνω φιλιά από τον Γκιγιόμ 😘 😘😘