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Ah, Nikola Tesla, the great misunderstood genius whose inventions power our modern worlds!


How little modern folk realize that if our planet had followed Tesla's technological path we would be thriving in an astonishing technological world alien to our current one. We would not be trapped in the current entropic paradigm, which, while bringing us seemingly great advances in technology, has also unwittingly, unconsciously and progressively enslaved us with that technology, all powered with life-negative electromagnetic currents.

Had we evolved to that next level of technology, rather than getting enslaved by the power barons who control the transmission lines, our energy signature to the universe would then be of a markedly superior character than the present EM rubbish we spew, what Tesla considered waste in the ether.

Tesla planned on giving his great invention, the Worldwide Wireless, to the world at the International Mercantile Exposition in 1911, but he was thwarted by powerful moneyed interests, his laboratory arsoned, and he was ridiculed in the press.

tesla 001-sm.jpg

Of course modern self-acclaimed skeptics (who are generally nothing of the sort, despite the deep discursive intelligence of some, but that’s another issue) will scoff, and ask for peer reviewed papers to satisfy their reliance-on-authority fallacy and reject anything that doesn't fit their closed minds. The modern sciences contain much brilliance, and masses of wonderful data, but also much belief beyond the functionally assessable.

And this has greatly limited humanity!

Tesla noted on the direction of theoretical physics:

“Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.”

“Einstein’s relativity work is a magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles and makes people blind to the underlying errors. The theory is like a beggar clothed in purple whom ignorant people take for a king... its exponents are brilliant men but they are metaphysicists rather than scientists.”

So what then is the reality? What can we understand from his claims of Worldwide Wireless free energy?


My perspective is unique, but experientially based, and which of course is naturally evolving with further data and discussion.

In my “wandering but not lost” mode I was fortunate to participate in Eric Dollard's plasma experiments in the circa 1985-86 at the mysterious Integratron in California.

integratron and van tassel-sm.jpg

Eric, a brilliant, but troublesomely-eccentric electrical engineer, provided unique experimentally based insights of power generation, derived from study and experimentation with Tesla's and Steinmetz's works, powered with dramatic epiphanies and correlations with J.S. Bach's music.

Dollard Integratron Coil w Extra-77.jpg

Eric had constructed there a miniature Tesla Magnifying Transmitter, derived directly from Tesla’s works. A Tesla Magnifying Transmitter produces longitudinal electric waves (magneto-dielectricity, NOT electro-magnetism!).

Dollard Integratron coil in action77.jpg

While observing bright spark discharges from his Tesla Magnifying Transmitter coil device we measured five (5) radio frequency amperes flowing into ground, i.e., while a bright spark appeared to be jumping into space from the top of the TMT. We hypothesized that the "discharges" were actually implosive events, the collapse of dielectric lines of force created by the engineered geometry of the device.

tmt analogy.PNG

We observed some amazing free form discharges from the TMT such as the critically damped monopolar magneto-dielectric discharge shown here.

Dollard Integratron coil discharge 4-sm.jpg

Working with plasma generated by Tesla's LMD waves was a startling and eye opening experience. In plasma bulbs around the TMT we observed strange and what looked like living forms of all sorts, fornicating amoebas and plant-like structures. We also observed what looked like star streams, nebulae and galactic formations


I have yet to see anything quite like it generated by standard EM high frequency, there is a qualitative difference invisible to those unaware such distinctions exist. I was fortunate on one day to see a full galaxy form in a bulb. So I do find a philosophical relationship with the Electric Universe theory, from my scientific experiences.


Tesla’s Worldwide Wireless is actually a Ground Transmission System! This next diagram shows the distinction. In conventional radio the TEM waves are broadcast into the open air, degrading with distance according to calculable determination dependent on the production factors. In Tesla’s LMD wireless, the current runs through the ground.

Tesla wireless - Dollard schematic-inv.jpeg

Marconi’s “radio” was also a ground transmission system, but he had to use suspended rhombic antennas and multiple stations around the globe, as Tesla had the patent on the ball capacitor at the top, which provided the perfect virtual ground for the earth-based longitudinal currents.

“Perhaps the most wonderful feature is that the energy travels chiefly along an orthodromic line, that is, the shortest distance between two points at the surface of the globe, and reaches the receiver without the slightest dispersion, so that an incomparably greater amount is collected than is possible by radiations.” ~ Tesla

Tesla measured his longitudinal waves at pi/2 times c (the so-called speed of light). Dollard demonstrated faster than light electric waves at this rate of propagation in public and on video. Here is our first lab video from 1988:

Rather than conceiving everything as electromagnetic, based merely on vibratory rate, we can conceive of the two primary forces, magnetism and dielectricity.

Magnetism is a spatial form of energy, forming fields around magnetic materials. This is easily understood, we’re all familiar with pictures like this, where iron filings follow the magnetic lines of force in space:


Dielectricity is counterspatial, storing in inner space inside capacitors, in the dielectric material itself:


Oscillating circuits can be seen as exchanges between the two poles of spatial and counterspatial function. Tesla engineered these relationships in a unique fashion in order to draw energy in from the ether itself, to broadcast it globally with no loss.

Consider that space is not purely Euclidean, then this is easy to understand with a bit of mental exercise. Magnetism fills space, dielectricity is in counterspace (square root of -1). This was discovered by Charles Proteus Steinmetz, the genius who was hired by GE to crack the Tesla patents used synthetic geometry, which is just another name for projective geometry.

tesla magnifying transmitter.PNG

The difference between what Telsa was doing between his rotating AC generation and his impulse current TMT is not between simply transverse and longitudinal EM waves, but between Longitudinal Magneto-Dielectricity (LMD) and Transverse Electro-Magnetism (TEM). Both were discovered by Tesla: the first generally unknown and unable to be comprehended within the modern physics paradigm (as Tesla distinctly warned), the second used globally and accepted as the norm (even though Tesla superseded this with his superior invention).


Some people refer to Tesla’s longitudinal impulse currents as “scalar.” Scalar is a function, not a type of energy, though the term has become used for such, so its use is dependent on the reference and the understanding of the user.

Tesla's LMD current is space scalar, meaning that the transmission and reception points are functionally the same, thus rendering the transmission extra-luminal as it's not calculable in the dimension of time.

“Perhaps the most wonderful feature is that the energy travels chiefly along an orthodromic line, that is, the shortest distance between two points at the surface of the globe, and reaches the receiver without the slightest dispersion, so that an incomparably greater amount is collected than is possible by radiations.” ~ Tesla

The orthodromic line is also known as the great circle route (as used by long distance airplane flights), and calculating along this line one will resolve to the Pi/2 times c formula. But in essence there is a change of electrical perspective. Earth changes from an infinite electrical plane to that of a single electrical point, or a “small metal ball” as he indicates here:

“When the great truth accidentally revealed and experimentally confirmed is fully recognized, that this planet, with all its appalling immensity, is to electric currents virtually no more than a small metal ball and that by this fact many possibilities, each baffling imagination and of incalculable consequence, are rendered absolutely sure of accomplishment; when the first plant is inaugurated and it is shown that a telegraphic message, almost as secret and non-interferable as a thought, can be transmitted to any terrestrial distance, the sound of the human voice, with all its intonations and inflections, faithfully and instantly reproduced at any other point of the globe, the energy of a waterfall made available for supplying light, heat or motive power, anywhere — on sea, or land, or high in the air — humanity will be like an ant heap stirred up with a stick: See the excitement coming!” From The Transmission of Electric Energy Without Wires in Electrical World and Engineer 1904

Comprehending the majestic technologies Tesla attempted to gift humanity to free us, in order to increase our collective potential, provides us insights into our evolution beyond the enslaving quasi-materialistic quantum thinking of today, void of living energies, empty of individual freedoms.

Ideas such as these provide us an open book to the future, as long as we base our evolution on reality, while not limited by dogmatic scientific or philosophical paradigms.

True Freedom starts in the mind, and from there is then expressed in our words and deeds :)

Thank you for reading this!

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~ Alkemix

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Excellent as always alkemix. Fully upvoted.


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Much appreciated, thanks! Working on more as time & life permits :)

Wonderful overview of the difference between longitudinal waves and the meaning of scalar. I have watched many hours of Eric Dollard and Thomas Bearden explaining the world of Tesla and Stienmetz. Are you familiar with channel Theoria Apophysis on YT? His explanations on magnetism are shedding some light for me.


Yes, have watched a few of Theoria's videos, definitely some great insights. My mind is more into Goethe and the philosophy of science these days, but thought it would be fun to write some articles like this, definitely more to come. What I appreciate about Dollard's approach is his peeling back to the core archetypal structures of energy creation and distribution, his view merges with mine on Goethe's theory of color. Will write some of those ideas up soon :)

Yes, Tesla had a big dream. And at this moment is partial reality. We can charge our phone battery wireless. It's a small step, but in the future we will see a big progress.


Yes, big dreams that could have made reality! Tesla's wireless was not the same thing, he envisioned us having phones with worldwide static-free coverage that didn't need batteries, powered from his ambient Worldwide Wireless.

“Whatever our resources of primary energy may be in the future, we must, to be rational, obtain it without consumption of any material.” Nikola Tesla, Century Magazine, June 1900.

In regards to my comments on the living forms in plasma around a TMT, this was today posted on

JELLYFISH SPRITES OVER EUROPE: On June 20th, a thunderstorm in Austria unleashed a spectacular display of lightning. Observers on the ground witnessed blinding flashes of crackling light. The most amazing aspect of the outburst, however, was to be found high above the clouds. 80 km high, to be exact, in the realm of the sprites:


Martin Popek photographed the display from his private observatory in Nýdek, Czechia, more than 500 km away from the storm. Such distances are ideal for seeing above the tops of towering thunderclouds: diagram.

"Jellyfish sprite events like these are produced by very impulsive cloud-to-ground lightning flashes draining positive charge from the stratiform rain region in large thunderstorms," explains lightning scientist Oscar van der Velde of the Technical University of Catalonia, Spain. Somehow, in a process that researchers only partially understand, the resulting electric fields draw jellyfish forms out of the cloudtops.

The tops of the sprites were surrounded by a saucer-like halo of red light, notes van der Velde. "The halo is evidence of intense electric fields at 80-90 km shaking up the electrons (colliding with nitrogen to produce light) for such a short time that sprite streamers cannot form. At lower altitudes the field exists longer, allowing the jellyfish sprite streamers to grow from electron avalanches."

Although sprites have been seen for at least a century, most scientists did not believe they existed until after 1989 when sprites were photographed by cameras onboard the space shuttle. Now "sprite chasers" routinely photograph sprites from their own homes. "I used up a Watec 910HX security camera with UFOCapture software to catch my sprites," says Popek. Give it a try!