6 useful ideas make you more alert in life

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6 useful ideas make you more alert in life

Vigilance in life

Everyone seeks to reach the degree that qualifies him to be able to live in a stable and calm, and to acquire the skills and habits of life necessary and important, which helps the individual to interact with his life in the outside world in a conscious and vigilant to be more willing to meet the challenges and difficulties and overcome them, and stay away as far as possible from falling In the problems and situations of unwanted, and given the circumstances of life to which everyone is exposed and the various pressures that are accompanied by many feelings of anxiety and tension, the person may be exposed to loss of vitality and activity and motivation and mood swings Vinegar The passage of conditions and multiple attitudes, and thus found many guidance and ways to raise the level of ability to deal with life in a more alert and aware, and help him to overcome and overcome negative emotions and responses; to reach the stage of stability and balance.

Six ideas make the individual more alert in life


Human beings live in a continuous cycle of daily preoccupations, both at work and in educational institutions, thus showing the need to exploit the few moments of leisure that permeate routine routines, to try to move the individual into her own world and to get the necessary relaxation by calming the mind and slowing down The process of breathing and emptying of thought. It is better for the individual to set himself a fixed time of 5-10 minutes a day to meditate, to avoid as far as possible different distractions such as technological devices, to think about the problems and tasks to be accomplished, FocusThe importance of meditation through its impact on the process of preparing the psychological state to go through life with a higher level of activity and vitality, and it helps to clarity of thought and increase the ability to work and maintain self-calm and internal, and control and control the feelings of anxiety and tension; New perspectives on himself; allowing him to become more aware of them, his feelings, and his thoughts. [1] [2]

Healthy habits

The need for an individual to live his life with greater awareness and vigilance extends to a good awareness of his diet, his health habits, and the safety of his diet. Continuing diet and unhealthy eating habits make a person's life full of chaos and illness, controlling fatigue, exhaustion and laziness. Makes the individual live his life at a higher level of vitality, activity and self-consistency, and the most important guidance in this area is the following: [2]

  • Resist harmful eating habits, give up.

  • Get enough rest to ensure you can stay alive and awake.

  • Continuous physical activity on a daily and continuous basis.

  • The balance in eating all types of food, without exaggerating the handling of a particular category without the other varieties; this balance is very important in stabilizing the growth process.

  • Keep away from smoking and smoking .

Get enough sleep

An adult person to sleep for a time period needs ranging from 7-9 hours each night; Sleep is the therapeutic method followed by the human body against itself, so you must maintain a healthy sufficiency of sleep, and be done by following several procedures or guidelines, namely: [1 ] [2]

  • Stay away from bright lights before sleeping, such as: cellular devices, smart phones; as they reduce the body's natural ability to sleep and tickle them.

  • Pay attention to the external sleeping environment to become more comfortable for the individual to sleep comfortably.

  • Try to create rituals and useful habits before immortality to sleep , such as: meditation, relaxation, and reading.

  • The practice of habituation on a time system set by the individual for himself; organize the hours of sleep and hours of awakening, and try to adhere to this system as much as possible.

Playing sports

The exercise of daily sports activities continuously makes the individual more aware and aware of his external world; the exercise of the individual to exercise daily helps him directly to alleviate the stress and anxiety caused by stress and life conditions; so that the daily oppositions and reactions resulting from negative thinking patterns, When exposed to difficult situations and challenges; in addition to the generation and supply of positive energy reflected on the rest of the activities of the individual daily, so the systematic exercise of activities and physical exercise make the human body more powerful and healthy and lively Thus increasing the level of efficiency of the individual performing his various functions and increasing his production capacity. [3]

Positive thinking

Positive thinking is the life skills that can be acquired by learning, training, and development. It is the individual who determines the mechanism in which thinking patterns are consistent with behavioral responses and behaviors. If an individual lives in a circle of negative thoughts, this will affect his life and interactions with his environment. It is possible to train the same person to think about beautiful and positive events and influences, and to move away from thinking about the sad and miserable situation, if the person who is unhappy in his life is a person who planted in himself the negative and sad thoughts, and based on these ideas will be feelings And its responses, the positive thinking , it is possible to practice it to get to the lives of more conscious and stable; by focusing on the aspects of a happy and good experiences, it is important to resist the constant pursuit of negative thoughtsAnd not to hear them to control the patterns of thinking of the individual, in addition to trying to choose the positive environment stimulated, and not to exaggerate the description of the problems and sensing the risk of permanent, but better to reduce it in a balanced manner. [4]

Maintain stable social relationships

The social relations normal health and bring psychological peace and self-perception of the individual; Maintaining these relationships, such as: friendship, relationships emotional, makes the individual more stable, consistent and conscious in his life, and shows through mutual respect in all types and levels of dealing with individuals, and to promote confidence Providing assistance and support to those in need, as well as the possibility of sharing and relying on the other party, all of which contribute positively to the lives of individuals. [2]


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By Alae Jarrar

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thank you this is a helpful post for me

Everything starts in our mind. Thoughts, which the lead to habits, habits which then lead to results. Of course we have both positive and negative results, but that depends on the habits we choose.

Usually if we start one good habit, our mind will continue and try to keep up the algorithm by trying to get us to take up even more good habits, but of course it all depends on us and how far we're willing to push it.

The longer we can keep on taking and keeping up the positive thoughts and habits, the more momentum we will create and the better our life will become.


Your words are very true, thank you for adding and interacting

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Can be summarized as healthy living habits.

Eat wisely to live
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Thanks for the motivation....already quit those horrendous cigarettes...now just trying to get to mastering meditation... Nice posts.

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Yes, getting adequate sleep and a healthy varied diet are especially important I would say...