Exercises for the mind

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Exercises for the mind

Mind exercises

The mind can weaken and dissolve completely like other parts of the body and its muscles in the case of not being used adequately and continuously, as the nerves that form the brain weaken and begin to die and decomposition and the body can not form others to compensate for the loss of them, but exercises of the mind helps prevent this and increase the ability of the body To build new nerves and new electrical networks in the brain increase and strengthen its capabilities, and these exercises:

Use the toothbrush in the other hand

By turning the use of the toothbrush while cleaning the teeth to the left hand in the case of the person on the right hand to do the work, and vice versa, as this stimulates and activates the work of the inactive side of the brain, which remains without use most of the time as a focus on the use of the person A certain aspect of the body is the most powerful side of the muscle, and also helps to increase the area of ​​the brain cortex and raise its ability to collect information.

Bathing exercise with eyes closed

This exercise helps to develop the sense of touch, the ability to recognize and control objects without seeing them, in addition to stimulating the nerves between the brain and hands, and increase the rate of exchange of information between each, through dressing and start bathing with the closure of the eyes, Water and determine the degree of cold water or hot with the survival of the eyes are closed, and then begin to rub the body with the recognition of different areas of the body once sensed.

Exercise change the reading method

The use of the same routine in reading limits the ability of the brain to develop as a result of its habitual reading method for a long time without change. Changing the reading method periodically helps stimulate the circuits to interpret and analyze unusual new activities by reading Loud, then switch to low sound, read a word and omit a word or read from the last word towards the one that precedes it.

The character-gathering exercise

This is done by looking at a text in a newspaper or book, and by starting to collect the number of repetition of a particular character, such as the letter "j", for example, or to collect as many times as the "definition" or the movement of the aperture. Activate its ability to analyze, think and absorb information faster.

Aromatherapy exercise

This exercise stimulates the ability of the brain to recognize odors, and connect them to various sources that emit them, such as high temperature sweat or aerobic exercise, connecting the smell of coffee to wake up from sleep, and linking the smell of food to mealtime.

By: Islam Ezzaboun

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Good info. I might actually give the whole "brush your teeth with your other hand" a try for a bit!

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hello alkhairate ! :)
thank you for sharing. it would help us a lot

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