How can I be brave and not afraid?

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How can I be brave and not afraid?

Steps to be brave

The weak and timid man suffers from many difficulties in the exercise of his daily life. He does not dare to move to what is new and different from him. He is always hesitant in making his decisions and does not have the courage to make the necessary change and development of his life in pursuit of progress and success. The security that surrounded himself without working to change the course and nature of his life in any direction.

Recognize your weakness and fear

People can not solve their problems and get rid of them unless they recognize their existence. If you persist in your weakness and cowardice, it will not make you a strong and courageous person, but will keep you in your current situation. Sometimes, it will make you worse, but your recognition of your problem and understanding of its nature helps you determine what you need to get rid of.

Do whatever is new

To get rid of fear, hesitation and courage, try new things in your daily life with new people, practice new hobbies, and sometimes be a bit serious, taking care to increase risk over time, but putting yourself at risk.

Demonstrate courage and strength

You sit in your house pretending to be brave and strong, imagine a position that needs courage and be the hero in this situation and imagine what you have to do and live with this situation, and if you face a similar situation in everyday life try to apply what you did in your imagination of courageous actions.

Be smart and wise

Courage alone is not enough, but we have to know when it is the right time to show it, and what is the appropriate behavior to do in each position. Some situations need physical strength and courage, but sometimes you first need to study the situation you are subject to and what is the right behavior that must His work is wise and intelligent.

Discover yourself

Know and determine what you need to become brave and strong and take the necessary measures to achieve this. If you are weak, be careful to exercise and eat, which will give you a strong body, but if you are constantly hesitant and fear, examine yourself as being courageous and courageous and learn how to take them out.

Look for a strong and courageous example

Read in the history books about the strong and courageous characters who have achieved what is difficult for the average man to achieve, and set an example for you in all your actions and the qualities that they feel to feel close to your personality of their courageous characters. Make a distinction between courageous actions and suicide acts, and do not underestimate the risks that may befall your life.

By: Islam Azzaboun

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Amazing post. It's content will surely be applied. Thanks a lot!

Not always brave, but I know how to fake it :D And it works until I finally start to feel it in me :D Thanks for saying that faking it it's just okey sometimes :D Love post :D

As you say, courage and fear are two sides of the same coin, how can you be brave if there is nothing to be afraid of?

A common misconception is that you need to get rid of fear, when in reality you just need to be able to cope with it.

Otherwise, if you're into travelling, vlogs, fitness, self-development etc feel free to check out my channel, in any case keep up the good work and I'll see you around! :)

Well the best thing to do is to conquer our fears. it maybe easier said than done. But if you face your fears with a brave heart. Anything is possible. I was always afraid of the ocean and swimming. But when I decided to unlock swimming as my skill I jumped directly into a cliff and I learned swimming. It definitely is the hard way but I conquered my fear.