How to be funny and loved

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How to be funny and loved

Funny and beloved man

Many people have a sense of humor and fun, people like to hear their jokes and their way of speaking, and they are often very popular and have good physical health; laughter is a cure for many diseases and an effective way to get rid of worries, nervous emotions, Funny and popular, so we will mention in this article the most important tips and steps to enjoy these two qualities.

How to be funny and loved

Choose the right time to juggle

Not all times are appropriate to say jokes and jokes with others; for example, the working environment, public parking situations, or official meetings; the timing is not only to avoid these times; there are some family meetings that are likely to be part of the joke, When the family is engaged in serious matters.

Find out what people laugh at

Knowing what laughs people, defining their moods, and their printing helps the person to become funny and loved by others. This requires the person to mix with people and make them well, and on the basis of that he chooses what they can joke about or give them jokes and jokes, That jokes that some laugh, are not necessarily to laugh others.

Practice the jokes

The humor is not only laughable but also the style of the saying, and usually some people laugh because of the style of humor, which is an additional joke on the joke that he said; the atmosphere of fun and humor becomes a multiplier, creating a comic and simple comic identity between his acquaintances and his friends and the family. The passage of time will stick to this character in front of most people.

Simple jokes

Some people think that humor needs a lot of complex words. This makes them fail to create a fun atmosphere for those around them. They are embarrassed. Jokes and laughter are spontaneous and spontaneous. They do not need a lot of complexity. You have to choose simple words and concepts and build jokes on them.

Learn popular words

People who want to be loved and laugh, learn those words, start to use them gradually, then learn how to joke with them, and mix the terms that are popular among people.

Follow funny plays

The harmony with the comedic plays in their scenes brings out the sense of humor that individuals may have in their midst, gives them style and style, and prepares themselves for more fun when meeting others.

Listen attentively to others

When others talk, the fun person should not be sarcastic and laugh; this will keep those around him from listening to him, respecting his funny character, summoning their anger and anger at him; so it is good to listen to other people and to be serious in situations that require seriousness, Jokes do not mean ridicule or ridicule. Therefore, the fun person must take care of others' feelings, care for them, respect their interests, and their interests; laughing alone is not enough to be loved.

By Fatima Machaala

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