How to control the subconscious

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How to control the subconscious

the unconscious mind

Known as the unconscious mind, a set of personal qualities that the individual aware of some of them as part of the composition, and others are far from the consciousness and sense of it, the subconscious is the place of emotions and feelings and the store where memory is kept, it is somewhat like a computer, And contains all the information that the human needs from time to time, it contains the drivers of behavior and the seat of sexual instinct and psychological.

The things that the esoteric mind has in particular

  • Childhood memories and everything related to them.

  • Retains all that the apparent mind thinks are transient things that must not be remembered.

  • The behaviors and behaviors emanating from the person when in his unconscious state originate from the inner mind.

Treatment of unit cases

People experience a lot of psychological stress resulting from fear, anxiety or failure, which leads them to take the side of unity away from others, which exacerbates the severity of the problems that go through, and to treat such cases can be:

  • Avoid frequent complaints and talk about them.

  • You have to be convinced that every person is exposed to problems in his life, and that these problems are not limited to you alone.

  • You need to increase your ability to cope with the problems and crises that are exposed to it, and avoid the stress of self-reflection, and resort to friends who are able to get you out of what you feel.

  • Do not look forward to getting something big once, so go up the stairs slowly.

  • Do not put plans beyond your abilities and fail to achieve them.

  • Nothing happens in this universe in vain. Everything happens in a measured way. Try to keep what you see you may need in the advanced stages of your life.

The qualities of conscious mind and unconscious

The unconscious mind

  • Stores old memories.

  • The source of emotions and sensations.

  • Controls the movement of the body.

  • Durable work.

  • It activates everything we used more.

  • Regulates memories and depends on what they learn from others.

  • Reacts to the body and responds to the positive words that go from the self to the self, and makes the conditions go in your favor.

Conscious mind

  • Present and aware of what is happening around him.

  • Responsible for the programming of the inner mind.

  • His concentration is limited, he thinks logically, and is able to analyze the circumstances.

  • If he is convinced of something he is able to change the inner mind.

The facts of the inner mind and how to control it

Man can control his inner mind and harness it to achieve his desires and all that he aims for. An example of this is that many people have one day told their minds that they want to wake up at a specific time and this attempt succeeded in waking up on time. The inner mind is only a computer capable To find the answer and the right time, and therefore must be trusted and the implementation of the ideas, such as contact with a flan for a need, and then postpone the connection to another time surprised by this person in front of you and discover that the most appropriate time to talk with him was at the time when he risked on you.

Move the subconscious mind

  • Goal setting with an urgent desire to achieve.

  • There are challenges that need to be overcome.

  • Hear all questions related to our goals and their questions regardless of their source.

Programming the inner mind

The subconscious is programmed through:

  • Sarhan in the imagination of the image and sense and heard.

  • Frequent repetition of the idea until it settles in the inner mind.

By: Anwar Safi

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