The strength of heart and courage

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The strength of heart and courage

The strength of heart and courage

The concept of courage or, as it is called in the French language Courage, indicates one of the most important qualities one has to make, which summarizes the concepts of audacity, strength and non-hesitation. The concept of courage means that the strength of the heart in fear, In the right and evil, and in all walks of life. There is the natural courage, the courage of man in front of illness and others, and the moral courage that one acquires with education in a healthy environment, which is the proper behavior in different situations, which require the word or act of the word of truth.

Causes of heart strength and courage

There are many reasons why a person gains the strength of the heart and courage, which drives him to make the right decisions in different situations, which are directly in the following:

  • The reasons for the education and upbringing of the person since childhood, and has a fundamental impact in giving the person the concepts of courage and strength of the heart and strengthen.

  • Experimentation and diversity make us enter worlds we have not entered before, and after experience, the human mind gets used to it anyway.

  • Confronting our concerns with logic and realism strengthens our strength and our composure.

  • Training self on different things, such as learning fighting, diving, horseback riding, and experiencing the experience and gaining self-experience from them, as it earns strength and courage, and increases the cognitive outcome of the direction of different things, knowing that ignorance increases fear and reduces initiative and initiative.

  • Human Instinct In human beings, there is a group of people who are forced to show courage and strength of heart, based on different factors that may not be available to another class.

Arabs and courage

Our Arab and Islamic history is full of examples of great courage, and the first to present the finest lessons in that our master Muhammad - peace be upon him - who defended the message of Islam with bravery, equanimity and bravery, and stood before the whole world defying them individually and winning them. God is better than them - the best lessons that show the strength of their heart, and the Arabs are generally characterized by these virtues.

How to enhance the character of courage

  • The absolute belief that this life is a work and a transition that will give humans extraordinary power to lead them to life with courage.

  • Raising children to power and right, and giving them the skill to differentiate between right and wrong, and express their views in general without shame And fear.

  • Live in reality and understand well, avoid fantasies and imagination, fully aware of all factors and surrounding circumstances, and determine the best ways to deal with them.

  • Enhancing the skills of communication, communication and interaction with others, and seeking to develop the intellectual and cultural stock on various matters and aspects of life.

By: Razan Salah

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