6 warning signs your kidneys aren’t working as well as they should

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Renal disorders are considered to be "silent killers" because the signals transmitted by the body can be overlooked. Unhealthy eating, abuse of pain medications, and low water consumption prevent proper kidney function. Knowing the symptoms that are associated with kidney problems can save your life.

Here are 6 warning signs your kidneys aren’t working as well as they should:

1. Urinary problems

If you have recently noticed that you often wake up during the night to go to the toilet or feel pressure or pain when urinating, you may have kidney problems.

Pain during urination is a sign of urinary infection. Untreated, these can lead to complications.


2. Back pain

Back pain localized in the kidney area is a clear sign of kidney problems. Pain can occur during urination but also at other times, so many people ignore this extremely important symptom.

3. Low appetite

This symptom occurs when toxin deposits are formed in the kidneys.

4. Your hands and feet are swelling

When the kidneys do not remove excess body fluids, the hands and feets are swelling.

5. Irritations and itchy skin

The kidneys also have the role of eliminating toxins in the blood, but when they no longer work at normal parameters, you can face irritations and itchy skin.

6. Dizziness

If you suffer from kidney disease and at the same time have anemia, your brain does not get enough oxygen. The main symptom of these health problems is frequent dizziness.

One thing that you should not forget is that kidney disease is closely related to other conditions, such as cardiovascular disease. For this reason, if you have hypertension and diabetes it is important to go to the specialist for analysis.

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