Need help pls


My dear Steemians
I am knocking on your doors for help. My mom had been in the hospital under the intensive care unit for 3 weeks now. ICU cost is triple the normal we are running out of resources. I am appealing to all with generous heart especially the whales and orcas or dolphins if you can like my post please or send me any amount in my wallet I would appreciate it
My mom and sis are on this photo I could not visit them because it weakens me seeing my mom's health deteriorate. I force myself sometimes to visit her because they need someone to look after her. Mom got chronic kidney disease, pneumonia, her creatinine and potassium level and blood pressure are in constant fluctuation. She had been undergoing dialysis even if she's in the ICU.

We've sought help everywhere and you my Steemian friends I know could make a difference. I will keep this short thanks in advance

Much love and pls help pray for my mom

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I will help. Pray and collaborate with some few steem, resteem and vote.


Thank you so much your help is really appreciated

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Will send some Steem. Hope she gets well asap

My upvote is not that much but hope it will help. My prayers are with you

God will make a way

Sent 12 Steem hope she gets well soon. I will keep praying

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Praying for her healing

Have no liquid Steem to send right now but will resteem and send $trdo tokens!


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