One thing I do every day, except on Sunday, I check the mail!

3년 전

Yes, I mean snail mail(postal service) because I still get some bills, magazines, paychecks(auctions),holiday cards and yes, of course advertisements. Sometimes I even use mail order catalogs to buy things that interest me and I don't want to try and track down in a retail store. Even internet purchases, oddly enough, I sometimes have delivered by snail mail. Interesting. I guess the postal service will be around with us for a while yet, still has the convenience of daily delivery at a pretty reasonable price. Of course it is nice and easy to just drop outgoing mail by flipping the flag up for the postal person to pick up. Very convenient. I know we take the internet for granted, but I believe it is still around 10% of the population that don't use or want computers. Amazing to me, but I have to admit I was one of those people around 15 years ago!

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