Today is the first day of the rest of your life! or a hundred mile walk begins with the first step!

3년 전

You know, how true. We've all heard these cute little sayings before and somehow don't take them seriously, but I think we should. It keeps all of us from getting too bogged down in the everyday concerns and worries that seem to make our lives so difficult, sometimes. Just treat each day like it is a brand new start on life and this outlook can refresh our attitudes about everything else going on in our lives. I am one of the most uncurious people you will ever meet, not even looking in a cabinet in a brand new apartment, simply because I know there is nothing that I put in there until the day I move out. That hasn't stopped me from traveling/driving most of my life just to sightsee across the country(3,000 miles) several times over. What did I gain from this? I would say perspective that although places/people are so different, yet they are so similar, too. From chanting Indians in Great Falls, Montana and Rapid City, South Dakota tribal trailer parks to Key West, Florida and learning that I was a dead give away outsider because I didn't say the word Conch, the right way. Well, this has gotten a little long, I could go on and on. You get the idea, live it up today, for tomorrow we die!

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