Yap Syn Kee Homemade Grass Jelly【葉新记凉粉】

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Alots of friends might be do not know about Sabah, Sandakan have a local famous handmade of grass jelly or local people will say out of italiccincau?? At here have a shop name call (Yap Syn Kee).. This shop had been appeared since 70 years ago.. And this also can be said “LEGEND”.

In this summer hot place,(its seems like almost the whole year only summer, raining, and cloudy in Malaysia’s weather) the most combination of this weather are well served with a cup of grass jelly, evaporated milk, some ice cube, stir it well and drink! How nice was it!!! 在那么炎热的夏季里,(几乎都只有夏;雨;晴季而已在马来西亚)最好的搭配了美味可口的仙草,再加上一些鲜奶,再搅拌一起,放冰块。舒服的口感!好喝! ![image]() ![image](https://img.esteem.ws/1a5w58gqbf.jpg)
In a small wood shop also can be alots of people to queue up just to buy or drink this grass jelly, everyday sure need to queue up at least 30minutes also worth for it. 在小板屋杂货铺外挤满人,每一天排队30分钟也愿意,外地人也会特地开车来排队为了它!这一杯纯手工凉粉Susu (仙草鲜奶)... 老店老招牌,更为的是它是许多人 “记忆中的味道”。
Business hour start from 12pm till sold out, but before 12pm you will see around 11am will be alots of peoples start to queue up and around 1pm will be finished.. 营业时间:从中午12点开始,但是在11点的时候就可以看到很多人都在排队等着了。(大概在1点之前就卖完了) ![image]() Average price will not be so expensive, if you just want pure grass jelly of small cup will be cost around RM1.40, while big cup is RM2.20. If you want grass jelly mix eith evaporated milk for small cup will be cost around RM1.70 and big cup cost RM2.50. 价格不会很贵:如果只是存粹凉粉小杯是马币1.40,大杯马币2.20。如果凉粉加鲜奶小杯是马币1.70,大杯是2.50。当然如果你不想在那里喝没有关系,可以外带,但是需要在3-4天前预定。 ![image](https://img.esteem.ws/gedb2x3gf0.jpg)
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