Lionel Messi: Little boy's big dream

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The little boy

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Carlos Rexas stood upset at the Newell's Old Boys ground. The smallest, most weak boy in the field is going to be the one who scored a goal in the middle of the longest of all the players. It seems like the ball is fitted with a magnet, not from the foot! The rest of the players seemed a little late and stood up, and the younger boy started giving big goals!
Here is a good introduction of Carlos Rexas. The former player and coach of Barcelona, the then working of this gentleman, went around the country to find out the talented footballer for the famous La La Liga Messi Academy. In the language of football, which is called 'scout'

Strange Discovery:

Carlos Rexas came to Argentina to look for talent. Seeing Argentine teenage footballers in the service, he did not mind, he would be unique to anyone looking for someone, who was called 'Standout' in English. From Boca Juniors to other major Argentine clubs, he was not able to find that, he found the footballer like him in the small club grounds like Newell's Old Boys! Understand that this manik will be left out of the huge stupidity.

The name of the boy Lionel Messi Father Jorge was the manager of the steel factory in the profession. Mother Selina worked in the factory. Messi's father and mother went to Raxas Sutan Absolutely straightforward, he asked for his Messi for Barcelona Academy. Messi's father and mother's answer surprised him.

One rare problem:

"Messi is no longer big?" Carlos Rexas fell from the sky. Jorge opened Messi and said, openly said. Messi has a rare problem. There is a great lack of growth hormone, and if this growth hormone is not there, he will never grow up again. The doctor found Horo-Selina, found solutions to this problem.

But Messi's therapy is impossible for the underprivileged earner to spend $ 100 per month. And so Messi, what would be the great dread of the boy!

If there are problems, the solution will be!

Rexas did not give up after knowing everything The man does not know to accept the rate. He returned to Barcelona as a service, with the extraordinary magical memories of the little Messi foot. Not only did he come back, but he was convinced of the Barcelona Board to ensure the treatment of Messi's hormone. Time is the first year of the twenty-first century, 2000 years.

There was another problem, how will Messi remain without parents? The solution is also that Messi's parents came to Spain, rented a small house in Spain. The Jorge-Selina couple, who sacrificed so much for a Messi-destiny, did not delay paying their debt back to interest!

Spain, prisoner life:

Messi was not able to adapt to Barcelona at first in Barcelona. There are many differences between Argentina and Argentina, the teenager has understood it well. La Messea practice time is just like her, football is Messi bigger! At another time, how can a prisoner get a captive? Slowly he could get out of this problem Messi, La Messiya, Sesc Fabregas, Gerard Peak, friends like him!

La Messier's players usually take four or five years to get a chance in the original XI and even Barcelona. Messi is unique here. Within three years of joining LaMessia, Barcelona took the opportunity to make his own curriculum! Salata 2003



Ronaldinho, as well as Clivevart, stars in the Barcelona team Messi has not been wrong in showing his style there too, he was not late to Barcelona's coach when he was sixteen years old,

That year, another star was debuted in the main team. The name is Anders Iniesta, one of the best midfielders of the 21st Century. Messi, however, took more time to adjust regularly to the main team.

Since 2005 1st May Today, the Spanish football record is still unbeaten, only 17 years old, Messi scored as the youngest scorer for Barcelona, the record that no one could break today. In that year he won the World Cup, Messi gave his talent to the world football.

Success Story:


That's the beginning, who is going to prevent Messi? Since 2009, some of the overwhelming Lionel Messi has been a five-time world football player, and has been world champion four times! A lot of records next to the name, a lot of awards. Barca scored the highest goals in history, made. Barça won the maximum six cups in a season, and not counting how many hundred credits he holds.

The biggest thing is that despite being one of the world's two best players, still being one of the richest athletes in the world, Messi is still the youngest son of the old boy, who is still a little boy. Josh did not touch her, Ahmika did not catch her.

And so Messi's simple simple answer on the question that Messi is the best player in the world:

"Who is the best, it's not my headache, Barcelona will be playing better than Real Madrid!"

Despite his faith, his humble appeal to us fascinates us. Everybody is fascinated by the magic of football every day, the real life that Messi is weird! Recently married childhood interlocutor Antonio Roczozo has married So much so much, despite being the owner of so much wealth, he did not tire of life, Messi was the childhood Messi.



Messi's career was one of the unpredictable, but the country's Olympic Games were not won by any other but he did not win. This legendary one needs a World Cup. In 2014, Argentina could not reach even closer to the World Cup, the team hopes all around Messi. The little boy in Rosario today is surrounded by the captain of Argentina, the dream of winning the World Cup, Messi Messi.

Messi is not only an Argentine legend or Barca is one of the best players of all time. Lionel Andrés Messi is the inspiration for thousands of people around the world. This small football player named Kuchchini Hormones deficiency, parents' poverty - nothing could prevent him from being the best.

Messi has gone on the path of immortality by blinking all obstacles, he has taken the goldsmith's success, This World Cup is probably his last chance, Argentina can achieve immortality, can Messi?

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