We've been together

4년 전


Arranged from the bitterness of things we deliberately tell
The thing is that love is no longer one
In the past, we drew a fairy tale on the edge of the wind
Drain laughter with your head on your shoulders
Tighten your fingers on the strands of your thread
Joked behind a sweet little mustache
Until we forget that we are no longer together
Even forgetting everything I could not
To allow any heart renewer I can not
Especially as the role of pretending to be dumb
Tears with billions of times while still together
What's left?
Wrinkle lip pinch
A bunch of the past I now have to cry
We've been together
The promise is where we are determined
Directed the story that I myself do not know where to start
No more lying in a flickering flicker
I still love you
Say if we deserve back
With the dust that knit that love is not used anymore

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