The True Value of Soul Mentoring

3년 전

I find it incredibly strange that some people don't see the value in this incredible work. From my perspective, there nothing more meaningful and purposeful than the services I provide here. In my opinion it's some of the most important work that we can do in our lives, so let me explain why...

Throughout life we go through experiences and situations that bog us down, and make us feel like crap. Sometimes we face the deepest traumas we can ever imagine, and these can stay with us for a lifetime. This is what forms what I regard as our Shadow which is a culmination of our suppressed emotions and experiences. Now when we shut these experiences away, we become numb and act out of our hurt. In times people live this sadness for a lifetime. Ultimately this can lead to suicide, depression, addiction and the list goes on!

When it comes to delving deep into your Soul through mentoring, what I am doing is assisting you in resolving the unresolved emotions held within you. I work personally with you to get to the depth of who you are at the core so that ultimately you can bring happiness into your life once more. There is no doubt that this can be challenging at times, yet it is really getting to the truth of who you are.

It is all about looking at what has shaped you into the person you are today, what has formed the conditions that cause you to feel the way you do. Then its about healing from that sadness and trauma so you can feel whole once more instead of having this feeling of being broken.

So... coming back to the value of this work... It is truly immeasurable. As you know, I am here to support you and assist you in resolving that pain that exist within. Should you want a session, please reach out to me at and I would love to assist you in your journey back to Self!

Have an Amazing Day Everyone!

Much Love

Andy ❤

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