The Truth Lives Within You!

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I find it incredible that we reach this age in our evolution and we find ourselves looking for external validation in the world around us. We trust our media, politicians, our healthcare and even our financial systems often without taking the time to do our own research and due diligence to find out the truth behind the information being fed to us. The vast majority of what is being shared with us on a daily basis comes with its own agenda, to confine you to a system and have you living in fear. Once you are living in that place of fear and being driven by it, this is when you find yourself shackled by the systems that confine and control you. The truth is that each and every one of us wants to be free from these systems that confine us, so that we are able to live by what truly drives us each and every day, and so that we can make choices based out of our own free will.

When we act out of that place of fear, we bring chaos and discord not only into our own lives but also to the world around us. Sadly we are seeing this with the what is happening around the world today! We look externally at our media for the truth without questioning it and doing our own research and due dilligence. With regards to your Hero’s or Heroine’s Journey, this can be regarded as your “Refusal to Call” as you are refusing to awaken to the disillusionment of the world around you, and to the systems that are keeping you confined. Whether that be our politicians forcing their agenda upon us, our healthcare systems putting fear in us by telling us that “this is the only way” or even our financial systems that causing us to live in debt and poverty.

So, how can we go about shifting from that place of fear to living by our own truth for ourselves as individuals and the world as a collective?

It all comes down to seeking within yourself to finding your own truth, for the Truth Lives within You. In order to take that next step on your journey and break through that “Refusal to Call” and fear, you must have faith and courage, and to become the Seeker on your journey. Once you start your journey, you will naturally be living be the archetypes of the “Preparation” phase and by the systems and conditions. You can see the preparation phase illustrated in the image below:


The Truth Lives within You!

Within the Preparation phase of your journey, you will naturally embody that archetypes of the Innocent, Orphan, the Warrior or the Caregiver. This is where you are living by the Ego and the Systems and the Societal and Cultural conditions.

The Innocent is innocent to the world around them and lives in disillusionment, usually living in a place of denial. As children, we were brought up to see the beauty of the world as our parents protected us from the pain and suffering in the world. As a collective we are living by the Innocent as believe all that we are told by our media without questioning and doing our own research. This in essence the disillusionment as often we do not want to see the truth of what is going on behind closed doors.

The Orphan as an individual is someone who has been neglected and abused. As a society we can feel neglected and abused by the systems of control that govern us and the way we live our lives. When living by the Orphan, we can feel bound by the system and feel as if we have no hope. This is where it is important to support each other as a collective, as we gain courage to change these systems.

The Warrior is the one that competes and battles, works to get to the top; regardless of consequences. Often because they believe that is the only way to operate in the System at which they live. As a collective is shifting from fighting for competition and moves to fighting for a cause and making a difference in a compassionate way.

The Caregiver is the archetype that is the loving and caring mother that is there to support and nurture. As a collective, if we constantly give care and support our communities with nothing to show for it, and no support from the system. We can again feel like we are becoming a victim to the system and very much neglected.

*You can see all these archetypes are confined by the systems here and you may relate to where you feel you are at time moment in your life.

If we look at these archetypes as a collective, you can see that everything can build up and get on top of us, causing us to believe we have no hope. As a collective, we have become suppressed over years, which is causing chaos and discord around the world and also within ourselves. This is where we each have to wake up as individuals, in order to shift the consciousness of the collective. You have to connect with the Truth that Lives Within You!

As you shift from the archetypes of the “Preparation” phase to the “Journey” phase, you will move into the archetypes of the Seeker, the Destroyer, the Warrior and the Lover.

The Seeker is one of the most important archetypes here and in particular this post. As the Seeker, you become the wanderer and go in search of the Truth! This is where you will at first seek the truth in the external world around you, in the systems that confine you. You begin to notice what has been holding you back and what has caused you to live in this place of fear and suffering. As you search for the truth externally, you then begin to seek to gain clarity with The Truth that Lives Within You. This is when you begin shifting from chaos and discord in your life to a place of balance, with peace and harmony in your life.

The Destroy plays a vital role of destroying old beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve them. This is you breaking free from the systems that no longer serve you, to again living by your own truth and creating your own system to live by. As a collective, we are in the process of destroying and breaking down those systems that are no longer serving us, to build systems that do serve us and support us a collective.

The Creator is the creator of life and the new ways of living and being. As a collective, you can see it as looking at the values as a collective as you create an ecosystem the supports the greater populace and not just the 1%

The Lover is one of the most important archetypes here both as an individual and as a collective. As you become that Seeker of truth, you have to learn to not become bitter in the process of seeing the pain and destruction in the world, for this can bring about more pain. You have to learn to love yourself and have compassion for others as they awaken to the world around them. As a collective, we have to come together and love one another through all the differences and create a community where we can all rise up together.

You will notice the Yin and Yang symbol shown in the image above where I spoke about the archetypes. This is to represent the importance of the balance and harmony on your journey, you will notice that each archetype supports one another.

As you become The Seeker on your journey, seek externally to go in search for the truth whilst at the same time look within to discover The Truth that Lives Within You! I always recommend to act with discernment as you are fed information online or within the collective media. Go in search on your own Truth and feel what resonates with you! Sadly the truth can be dark at times, but the truth is, it does set you free. Let’s work together to create peace and harmony in the world and have compassion for others in the process.

Know that “Wisdom is found only in truth” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Thank You for reading, if you have any questions of comments, please be sure to leave them below. I wish you all the best on your journey!

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