an afterthought

4년 전

The more mature the more problems and obstacles we face, the great game we play will then end in death. Death is a creepy thing for someone who does not have good deeds, but for someone who does good deeds, death is a beautiful beginning, all good deeds will produce a profitable happiness. Look at yourself, the physical good will crumble and rot in the grave.

A story about an ant that tasted a drop of honey, at first the ant tasted it, a little and then he went but he was not satisfied and wanted to taste it again, again and again he tasted it, his curiosity flourished, then he Selami honey sticky, ants do not realize that his body the little ones will not escape the sticky honey, the tragic dead ants.



From this story we can take the lesson that honey is like this world whoever tastes it a little then he will survive, and for those who dive into it then he will not escape, he will die in vain. Do not let us be too busy with the world's problems, remember one day we will die.

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A wise message inside. Btw, you should have written 'photography' instead of 'photografy':D


Hehehe thanks for attention

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