Love on Tuesday morning

4년 전

On this happy morning, I will tell the love story experienced. This morning I got out of bed and showered.
She is the daughter of a canteen businessman on campus, every morning I always enjoy a glass of hot coffee served by her in the cafeteria. A simple figure made me fall in love with her, has been trying to approach her for four years but it's hard to get her attention. is there any lucky person who has earned she heart? The question that always comes to mind is probably because this is why she did not open she heart to me. This morning I ventured to tell my heart to her, but she thought I was joking even though I tried to convince him. I do not know what else to say.
I will not give up to get it, for the friend who read this story I ask for prayer and also vote my writing, so that I can marry her immediately. There is no other way to make her believe that I love her so much. "Will you marry me" :)
Qs Al isra' 32

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Isi postingan ya maknyus, sedikit kurang sedap karena bagian ayat-ayat kok g inggris. Mestinya kan bisa cari terjemahan alqur'an inggris. Jangan lakukan pengerbonan apapun sebelum sah, karena kalau sudah terlalu banyak sebelum, sesudahnya malah g ada yg tinggal. Dan sangat salah dalam perspektif agama. Selamat ketemu jodoh bagi yg jomblo, kalau sudah ada jangan lama-lama nanti basi.....hhahahhah


Thank u kedepannya InsyaAllah akan di perbaiki