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This is my Entry for @wakeupkitty's CONTEST/GIVEAWAY: NEW Looking Back/Look Forward. Click here to know more about this

Quite an interesting topic for participation, and here I presents a brief summary on a short stuff of real life incident as my participation for this contest. May be quite coincidence that this contest has appeared now that it did not took too much time to fix a subject.

This picture is a pic - Courtsey @wakeupkitty

The theme is my professional college life that is completed more than two decades back. Life's priority, the absence of mode of communication comparing with the present world such that it makes no comparison now as a result of which we had lost our friendship within ourselves with no contacts between each other.

And this is what my Looking Back for this contest as a small portion copied from the blog I was preparing on the get together happened last week.

Looking back

To go or not to go?, a question that was haunting me day in and out from the time the proposal for gettogtehr was declared in the College Wup group for Aug 10. It was long 22 years after we the Civil Engg A-B batch dispersed into the world of uncertainity with a B. Tech Degree Certificate in hand hoping to get a job at the earliest which makes a nostalgic thought as well as an apprehension about how my presence would be recieved by other classmates

We were 90 students split into two batches with girls outnumbering boys studied together for four years sharing and caring between us in the best possible way which a student life of 1990's era can offer. So it was hard to believe that almost a quarter century has passed like a blink of an eye and though meeting those classmates must always create an excitement but for me it does not seems to be like that

Finally last week out of 90 students more than fifty percent have gathered together that made a memorable day for it.

A hug from a then professor

Looking Forward

I really wanted to keep in touch with all these lost friends quite often that life's boring moment have something good to look for because as everybody knows friendship is one the most beautiful relation. Once in a year a get toegther is promised by all too which I am really looking forward to

I would like to write more, but as of now I think this is enough.

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Hope you all enjoyed my blog. Thanks for reading


Warm Regards.

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Meeting classmate is stressful, sometimes you think of those who are more successful, but hope you had fun. Hope you win the contest.


That was a fun moment in fact. Thanks for dropping by and Comment

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My pleasure

Nice post. Good luck for the contest.

Most of my College friends have moved to other countries... only a couple remain. ☹️


In most of the cases. Here too we fixed the date as per the probable vaccations especially in middle east, and two or three from US and UK too.

Thanks for visiting boss! Have a nice day

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Wow, you had a reunion of old classmates. I never had one so I wonder how it feels to meet after all these years.

Did dreams come true or the goals, hopes set for?

I hope you all will meet again, who knows even those who were not there yet.


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I think reunion is very interesting I hope I get 1 I have upvoted for visibility

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@angelro, Hope that this time was a celebration. After so long memories gets wings and those days come before us like those days were there yesterday only.


That was a wonderful day and created some awesome moments. I saw how many ways eyes could transmit expressions.

Thanks for dropping by and comment

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Welcome and good to read these words.

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It's fantastic to meet friends from the past. I wish we could go back to those years with a time machine.


True! It was really a special moment.

Thanks for dropping by and the comment

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How good it is to be able to meet with special people and have so many beautiful memories in common.


that day gave me some beautiful, lovely and unforgettable moment.

Thanks for dropping by and the comment.

Have a good day for you!

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Thank you Community, the people in this group are awesome. They are always there to give support whether it is small postor big one.

Thank you @priyanarc

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I didn't have a reunion of my classmates till date, all I have is whatsapp group 😁

It will be cool to see some guys again, some, none.


True, That was a really unforgettable moment, meeting almost everyone after long 22 years.

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Living overseas from home for so many years i have never made it to school or Military get together back there but if i had thee opportunity I would probably have the same thoughts

The fact the more than 50% attended seems pretty impressive to me and glad you got reacquainted with old friends

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I'm glad to see you here, @angelro. I participate in all the ccc contests weekly and post to the tag. Very well worth the effort!

I lost touch with everyone from college. Those were great years for me and I am proud of my degree. I would not have made it if not for study groups and teamwork, so I am sorry I lost touch. Try to keep up with those people as best you can :)