The little lady's new shoes | Poor little thing is still sick

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Summer shoes were needed asap

My sweet little girl was walking on her winter shoes until last week. While I was walking on my slippers for a few weeks already, except for the rainy days of course, she was still wearing her pretty heavy and warm winter shoes. The summer shoes she had last summer were not comfortable at all, but I kept them just in case I needed them for the first sunny days. Only this time her feet had grown a bit too much to be able to wear them. I discovered this a month ago, when I was going through our suitcase with summer clothes. When the sun started to appear more and more hours each day, I didn't know how quick to change my winter shoes for my slippers. I always have trouble wearing closed shoes when temperature rises, so if I don't want sore feet, I better not wear anything heavy on my feet.

But the poor girl didn't have any light summer shoes yet

While she didn't complain at all, I could not watch her wear these heavy shoes any longer. So as soon as salary arrived, it was time to go shoe hunting. This is not an easy task btw, every time one of us really really needs something asap, it's a problem. Not the right model or size, or not the right material or price. Last year I made a mistake when I bought my daughters slippers (the second pair) because when she was wearing them, they turned out being not the comfy, and she told me they hurt. This time I needed to be more careful with the model.


Not many choice, as expected

Like every time, only a few pairs in her size, and a lot of bad shoes that didn't even qualify if they were her size anyway. These don't have open toes, but they have a good comfy foot bed inside the shoes, and she loved them. As they are a perfect fit, I decided just to buy them right away. She was so proud of them when I bought them last week, that she wants to wear them inside all the time.

Unfortunately my little lady has been sick since last Thursday

She started throwing up pretty heavy in the evening, while I gave her a bath twice in 1,5 hours, my boyfriend was so kind to do the dirty work and clean up the mess. We had to change her bed once, and her clothes three times. A lot of things got hit, so we were a bit anxious for the night. Luckily she slept all night, and by Friday her throwing up was over, but diarrhoea came in the place. Including a fever, that has been kept under control by medication once a day, as more wasn't needed. She slept a lot, especially on Sunday, and by Sunday night it seemed to be almost over. She was happy, and cooperative again when I wanted to brush her teeth. I was pretty exhausted by the end of the weekend, and with some things to do before Monday evening, I was happy that today would probably be a relaxed day to finish everything. Unfortunately she woke me up at 5 AM this morning having to throw up again. The poor thing really felt warm again and didn't feel well at all. I felt so sorry that she didn't get better that night. While she has been asleep a lot today, I have been walking on my toes with my eyes barely opened and totally drained. Not only because of waking up that early btw, also due to a very heavy dream I had when I drifted off for a while. A lot of coffee didn't help, so I'm going to sleep now, hopefully everyone here has a good night, and things will be better tomorrow.

Sweet dreams!


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