Ireland - my dream

2년 전
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Ireland – someone think of the emerald isle full of green grassland, the rocky coast of that act wildly and fantastic beaches. For others, it is Ireland, a country where protesting, fighting..
For me it is but Ireland green island, marked vystěhovatelstvím in the past, a wonderful history ( Dublin castle, the magnificent monastery of Fore Abbey, the castle of Kildare... ) celtic culture, world-famous beer Guiness, irish whiskey… Ireland is a paradise on earth, what with the wonderful emerald isle full of breathtaking green pastures, the rocky coast which acts wild and long beaches. Beautiful coast, lined with green belt of pastures with herds of sheep, the azure sea. Pervasive hilly landscape planted with celtic crosses, castles, monasteries. And according to me are the Irish people very kind, friendly and hospitable people. In Ireland you will meet with a very lovely, attentive service that will offer you the local " specialties ". It is said that the most important thing is breakfast. It in Ireland is doubly true except for the exception, that the Irish people have so little "bigger" breakfast than we are used to from home. How about you give the porridge after that followed by eggs, bacon, sausages. Sky then make up the roasted tomatoes. . Can be the bread and drinking the juice, tea or weaker coffee. The most famous is the so-called Irisch stew. It is a stew of mutton or lamb meat. Those of you who do not need the meat. Ireland is rich in seafood and fish. Easily you can get lobsters, oysters, salmon, mussels... For the truth omitted or not local favorite food and drink would be a big mistake.
Why am I writing about Ireland? Because it's my dream come true, beautiful landscape, nice people..... Definitely worth mentioning – the recommendation to visit a classic Irish pub. The atmosphere is worth it as their globally famous beer. Just a fairy tale. Therefore, if you also have dreams of a similar type. Do not hesitate to fulfill it. It would be a mistake of such or any other unfulfilled dream to prepare.

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