APPICS - Get To Know The Team: Introducing Reyna Banks!

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Each day is a new and exciting opportunity for everyone at APPICS.
The app development is progressing, new concepts are being created, preparations for the launch are being made - and our team is growing steadily!

As you might now, we spent the last few months establishing our APPICS U.S. Team in California.

Last week, we already introduced you to our President of US Business Operations, Paul Ring.

Today, let's get to know REYNA - part of our US Influencer Management Team!

Reyna discovered her passion for dance at an early age. With 13 she was a touring solo praise dancer at at 17 she was already performing as background dancer for Usher.

After completing her bachelor of arts in dance, radio television and film, she was determined to take on the entertainment industry!
In her early twenties, she became a lead dancer for celebrities like Beyonce, Ne-Yo, Justin Bieber, Toni Braxton and more, and she appeared as lead dancer / actress on the Nickelodeon show Victorious.
She soon realized that dance wasn't her only calling in life.
She also pursued a successful career as actress and discovered her connection to god, becoming a motivational- and christian public speaker as well, and bringing arts and dance to the gospel community.
As a creative director, Reyna also teaches and builds up artists and creates her own concepts for shows and events.

A few years later, she discovered first hand how the "Influencer Phenomenon" first started on Social Media.

Being an artist herself, she quickly realized the growing importance of social media presence, and how there was also a business side to this new industry.
Today, she manages artists and influencers of any kind, connecting APPICS to a network of passionate content creators.

Watch the Interview between Reyna and our APPICS COO Uma below in 3 short clips!

Part 1 - Introducing Reyna

Reyna talks about her professional background, and journey in the entertainment industry. From being a passionate dancer herself, she transitioned into a creative director and made it one of her main goals to help artists develop and improve.

Part 2 - Reyna about APPICS

Reyna has worked with countless artists who were incredibly talented - but struggled to generate income only with their art. She describes how APPICS could revolutionize the way of life for artists and content creators, and how it opens doors to completely new opportunities!

Part 3 - Reyna's role at APPICS

Reyna is connected to many artists who are greatly gifted and passionate - and with APPICS, they will have the opportunity not only to support their own goals, but to give something back to their audience as well and giving them the chance to get rewarded for their passion as well.

APPICS COO Uma @mrs.steemit and Reyna Banks, Influencer Management U.S. Shot & edited by @thehipsterguru

💬 If you have any questions about APPICS, you can ask our admins on Telegram:

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Great project. I'm happy to have been a (small time) investor in it and I look forward to seeing it grow and make a difference in so many lives.

Hello Reyna :-) Welcome on board !

Nice to have you on board!

Hello Appics team ! Welcome to the new memeber Reyna :-)

Very excited and looking forward for appics!

Congratulations, great job.

Lets get the word out about Appics you guys sure deserve it!

Nice to meet you. Believe you going to do a great job!

good!!! more update!!

Congratulation, waiting for the launch

The whole team are wonderful ! Keep up the great work

well done sis.

Team US is growing with some super strong player 😁 cant wait for the launch!! Go team go!

Really the waiting is working on my nerves now cant wait for this big success 🤗

Wow 😮!This is a great news to have such a talented person on board! Proud and happy 😃!!!

Wow! this is fantastic, welcome to the team Reyna! And the awesome world of cryptocurrency, which i am still learning more about all the time! Im so looking forward to the @appics App launch, your such an awesome addition! great job @mrs.steemit / Uma!💕👍✌

we can use all the help we can get! thanks for being onboard...

Exciting times ahead :D

well you have selected some dedicated people in your management team,she will definitely add value to the management
hope Appics will be very successful

Nice to meet you Reyna Banks.

Yea! Welcome missy😍

How can one be a team member. I will love to be a Nigeria team member.. How can i be?
I love appics

Best of luck ! image

Great... to have you ms.Reyna Banks .. on Appics 😎😘

We and Berlin love danceing. Welcome!

Cool team members @appics. I commend the work you guys have done thus far. Am still patiently waiting for testnet, at least all investors should be able to get in before the app is released for everyone to get to know each other and gain a little reward before it goes global. What do you guys think?

I am happy to have joined appics when i did. Can't wait for the app to be launched

I am happy to read about Reyna and joined to APPICS

Have invested, and looking forward to the launch! Good luck with it team Appics!

Wow, sounds fascinating how she has specialized on influencers like that. She will be a great addition to your team.

Big stars join the appics work team. Congratulations

We are going to see few projects of this caliber. One of the big bets this year that will be executed in the chain of steem

Nice to meet you say Reyna Banks... she sounds like a very interesting person.
Thanks for the great interview @mrs.steemit

"Another great team member, shout out to Reyna Banks
@Appics' financial power shows us how to reign a bank
The power's for us all, individual and free
Thank God Almighty, Jesus for this cryptocurrency..."


"Another great team member, shout out to Reyna Banks
@Appics' financial power shows us how to reign a bank
The power's for us all, individual and free
Thank God Almighty, Jesus for this cryptocurrency..."


wow... shes so pretty and intellegent


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