Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever!

3년 전

Happy New Year!

As we peer through the fog of post celebratory hangovers and brush aside the curtain of hope that drapes the optimistic promise of a New Year full of surprise and potential, let's remember that 2019 will be what we make it.

"Hope Smiles From The Threshold Of The Year To Come, Whispering, ‘It Will Be Happier' " - Alfred, Lord Tennyson

A ball in motion keeps going until a force stops it or changes its direction. The same applies to your life. If you keep doing the same things you cannot expect different results. That, in fact, is the definition of insanity.

This is a brand new year! What better time than now to change the trajectory of your life?!

Today is the blank page to the beginning of a 365 page book. Write a good one. Write the one you want.

Today is a day of choices, and each one has its consequence. Eliminate toxic entities (bad habits, situations and people) so yay you can make room for the good things and people. Choose and start a good habit or two- you know it only takes 90 days to build a lifelong habit.

Decide what you want to be, do, or accomplish this year, and most importantly- take steps every day towards that! Remember- some of your best days haven't even happened yet!

Most People Will Passively Do Exactly What They Did Last Year. Whatever You Do, Don’t Let That Person Be You!

Cheers to a new year and another chance to make it right. May you fully live life in the year to come!

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"Hoo-Yah, 2019!"

Namaste, amiga.



It's gonna be a spectacular year! I'm thrilled to know you and am on this fantastic journey with you!

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Thank you for being here for me, so I can be here for you.
Enjoy your day and stay creative!
Botty loves you. <3


Thank you! Looking forward to another great year on Steemit with you!

Happy new year 2019 :)



Thank you @sternblitz! May your year be filled with blessings, abundance, and many little things to make you smile :)

Happy New Year @arbitrarykitten

2019 Peace on Earth...........


Many thanks my friend :) Right back at ya!

It is good to see you posting again. One of my guiding principles for this year is to not sacrifice the moment. January 1, 2019, was a family-focused day. I watched a movie with my wife, enjoyed board games with my oldest daughter, savored the laughs and the hugs. I was a great start to a new year.

Yes, I need to create some new habits. Thanks​ for reminding me that it takes 90 days.


It's good to be back! I missed you guys :) It's amazing how much certain injuries can take out of you!

Time spent with your loved ones is never time wasted :) Sounds like you had the perfect beginning to the new year 💝

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I hope your New Year is blessed with beauty and unfolds into many months of abundance and blissful gifts 💝

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WoW you got a way with Words dear and thank you very much see you on the lovely steemisphere