My Revamped Treatment Room!

3개월 전

This weekend I celebrate my 100th anniversary of being a licensed aesthetician! Not really 100 but long enough to have seen many skincare and beauty fads come and gone! In celebration of such an achievement and a true love to my profession I decided to update my treatment room from the plush dark velvet look it had to a more French chic style. Simple and clean!
I upcycled and used many of the items I had already so lucky for me I did not have to purchase one thing! A can of white chalk paint and good ol' fashion Behr satin finish paint do wonders!
Everything looks so fresh and new doesn't it! I had never painted a ceiling before and I can say that was the only new thing to me of this DIY. Annie Sloan Chalk paint is truly a lifesaver when refinishing furniture as you don't need to sand or prime and it leaves a nice durable finish! I love it!
This little project gave purpose to my weekend and I can honestly say it was time well spent.
Did you complete any project recently?


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