What COVID-19 Has Taught Me , Musings As A Prepper

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When people find out I’m a prepper, I either hear one of these two things, “But you’re so girly!” or this, “Oh so you’re preparing the zombie apocalypse?” This one makes me cringe but at the rate we are going a zombie apocalypse might not be out of the question really.

COVID-19 and the panic it has stirred has made me reflect about many things in my “prepping” lifestyle. I am relieved I do not have to go panic buying for supplies at the store. I feel a sense of calm and security knowing I have enough food, water and supplies to keep my family comfortable in case a quarantine was put in place. Being stress free has its advantages too as this keeps your immune system healthy.

I have noticed I am more conscious of the items I use. With the shortage of toilet paper and napkins I am glad we use cloth napkins at our dinner table and cotton flour sack towels in my kitchen as these can be reused and bleached! Points for reducing my carbon footprint!
No toilet paper? Fine by me! I went euro on this one and installed a bidet in my restroom.

CRYPTO need I say more! Sure the prices are down but handling cash seems icky at the moment. Buy the dip people!

I’m in love with my canning pot and my dehydrator. Knowing I’m putting so much love and effort keeping my pantry stocked for my family makes me happy.

I’ve began to appreciate my garden more. No more complaining about broken nails or bug bites.
My garden has the ability to heal and feed me.
I am grateful for my chicken. Although she makes a fuss and a mess I am grateful for her eggs and yup, her company!
I am more aware now of the flora and fauna during my morning walks. I am more conscious of what plants are edible and/or healing plant allies.
The survavilism and awareness skills my father taught us growing up I often thought were annoying, I am now so thankful for all that.

I get nostalgic and a tad melancholic too because for a while life as we know it may change. It’s beginning to. As an Italian it’s our custom to hug and kiss on both cheeks, and this is something I’m teaching myself not to do. Carrying sanitizer and an EDC kit in my purse aside from the ones we always have in our cars, has become the norm. Events we had tickets to are being cancelled, stores are depleted, people are dying. We can’t just ignore this. This is our current reality. Don’t panic, be prepared. Be grateful for the moment. Be aware. Love hard. And always remember~ this too shall pass.

Stay safe Steemit 🤍
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It makes me happy to know that you will make it through whatever is thrown at you, @artedellavita!

Keep passing on information about appropriate responses to the Coronavirus. If possible, please encourage your readers to increase their Vitamin D3 levels. Here is a recent video by Dr. John Campbell discussing the implications:

People living in northern areas (eg. Canada, Europe, China), or people who fail to spend sufficient time in the sun need to supplement their diets. The minimum amount is 1000 IU but my suggestion is 10,000 in case you are currently actively fighting a respiratory infection or are not diligent in taking vitamins on a daily basis. Vitamin D3 works with other elements so it is also important to balance it with Vitamin K2, Zinc, Iodine and Selenium.

When you started talking about toilet paper and talking about going Euro, the first image that I had in mind was that you were going to use Euros ... well, that is one thing to do with paper money.

My mother relayed a story to me, which had been told to by her mother concerning the Spanish Flu from 100 years ago. You might know that the Spanish Flu, more than decimated the military during World War I. One soldier returned home to Canada having escaped both dying in the conflict as well as the epidemic ... to an empty house. His entire family had died due to the Flu.


You have no idea how much I appreciate this information! Just this morning someone was asking me what vitamins I recommend for them to stock up! Vitamin D was not on my list ! Thank you for this info. Pandemics are horrible. My grandfather lost most of his sibling to smallpox😞

What a cool perspective, giggle 😍



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Your post reminds me so much of myself. I've had the same reflections. I got my necessities weeks ago knowing eventually the COVID-19 would reach my neck of TN and everyone would panic buy out the grocery stores. We got our first case today so it's crazy town now. I do find it so interesting the toilet paper and soap were all bought out but there was plenty of canned goods and food. That'll be next though I bet.

It made me really think of how I'd cope with being holed up at home for weeks and weeks and I'm sure I'd be fine. I've got my ducks for eggs and a well for water. I'm hatching my own ducklings now so I know how to keep a flock going. I cook in bulk to make my own TV dinners so homemade meals to last me for a month. I did realize I need to learn other skills though like how to can things I grow in the garden. So far we only garden for summer eating but my husband's clearing an acre so we can plant food to last us all year. Living in the woods I've learned survivalist skills like plant identification, how to purify water, how to start a fire, and other useful skills. I feel bad for people who panic and feel helpless in situations like we're seeing now because they don't have the resources or skills to feel secure in surviving in times of panic. Society today is designed so we don't need skills our ancestors had. Our ancestors and how they survived is where I look for my education. I''m not worried in the slightest right now because I've learned skills to help me survive without needing corporations and outside society to provide for me. Good luck weathering the storm my friend and let's hope this virus craziness passes quickly!