Hello Steemit, it has been a while

2년 전

Well 6 months to be exact.

And I feel bad about it. I really do.

As I am writing this I feel sick in my stomach.
Because I have/had a community on here.
People I care about and people who care about me.
And I just let it all slide.

Not because I don’t like you.

But because I had a Steemit Burnout.

I just couldn’t DO IT anymore.

After spending countless hours on the platform, chatting on Discord and thinking up new ways and plans to bring the community together, it just all got to me.
I wasn’t feeling inspired.
It just felt ‘not me’.
I was feeling trapped by this online space somehow.
So I had to take a step back.
A HUGE step back.
For my own sanity really.

I am sorry.
I really am.
But this is the way it happened and I can’t turn back time.

And in my Steemit absence, a lot has happened.
Big realizations have been made.

I realize that I am an artist.
Deep down I have always been an artist.
I just never knew or understood how to bring that into the world.
But now I have!

Through making art with resin!


Damn, I cannot tell you how joyful my heart is through being able to share my art with you.
It makes me one cheerful ladybug.

I’ve got a few plans in the works to make cryptoart too!

But for now,I just want to be on here.
Talking with you guys.
And being part of the community.

@humansofsteemit is a wonderful initiative and I wish for it to carry on so if anyone feels the call to pick that project up, please find me on Discord @ashleykalila to talk about it.

I hope you are all doing well.
And I’d love to connect with you again.

Much love,



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Welcome back! That's some pretty cool art too! Looking forward to checking out more of it when you share it :-D


Thank you!!! Don't worry, a lot of art will be coming on here :)

Welkom! It is good to have you back.


Thank you!!! You've been here from my beginning!


I am very happy to see that you have returned and returned as an ARTIST, a Dutch Master. ;)

good to see you return .. you got a lot of catching up to do :)


Thanks! Yea, a lot has changed!!!


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  ·  2년 전

Welcome back!

And also front.

Middle part is not as welcome though, but it can tag along.

But the piece of art you're holding looks beautiful :)


Oh Apsu, how I have missed your humour! XXX

so glad you will be picking up here again! Humansofsteemit is a really great project, keep it up ;-)))
I had a break too and am working on getting my wheels turning here and it's a process. I am having a hard time accessing anyone on discord including you...can you send me an invite? I'm @natureofbeing there. oxox


Oh weird!! I sent you a message a few days ago sweetheart! I'll see if I can find you again


don't see your message, just sent you a friend request on discord...xoxo


Hey hey!

I was literally thinking of you yesterday... I started thinking about TimCliff's interview series, which made me remember your interview series which made me wonder how you were going...

I'm glad you're back, I'm sorry you got burnt out, but it happens especially since you were all, all in. If you hang around, you can adjust Steem into your life to fit in a bit better.

Excited for some #cryptoart!


Hehehehe funny how we think of people sometimes right? It always just comes out of nowhere! Are you well?

Welcome back. Beautiful times ahead .

It is great to have you back here :D can't wait to see what you come out with :D


Thank deary!!! <3

Welcome back! Are you using a paint pouring technique?


Thank you Julia! I am working with resin. Have you worked with it before?