⛓I Created My Own Prison In My Head⛓

3년 전

Something I think we as a species are very good at is telling stories.

Especially telling stories to ourselves.

Stories that are doused in negativity and holds us back from doing what we actually really want to do.

Or maybe I shouldn’t talk about us but specifically talk about myself.

Because that’s what I’ve been doing.

And I only found out this week.

I was in the shower (I am sure that my best ideas and biggest epiphanies come when I am taking a shower) and it just sort of hit me.

I am holding myself back by telling myself that there are things I can’t do.




And these things thoughts are so tiny that I didn’t even realize that they were there.

Best example is this.

The boyfriend and I got this little rack to hang our towels on and it had to be hung on the door.

And the thought didn’t even come up in me to hang it up myself.

The story was immediately ‘I can’t do that. The boyfriend has to do that’


Like really.

I mean it’s not difficult to get a little Bob-The-Builder and hang that damn thing up.

But no, my mind told me ‘I can’t do that’ so I automatically believed that I couldn’t do that.

And afterwards, when I was hitting the shower, I just realized that my brain was tricking me.

I am telling myself a story that is actually holding me back.



And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

If I dig deeper into this mental voice, I find that it just holds me back from a whole load of shit.

Especially making me believe that I am not worthy of a ton of good stuff in life.

I can’t get my life together. I can’t be a tidy person. I can’t be a financially successful human being. I can’t be disciplined

And on and on the dishonest stories go.

I have been creating my own prison in my head.

Well, that’s it!

No more.

Now that I’ve seen this happening within myself so clearly, I pick up on it way faster than ever before and am able to change this tales into a more healthy and positive way of thinking.

I now know that this little mind-voice is there and when it does pop up, I tend to ignore it and change it’s story.

And damn it’s good.

I am feeling a lot happier already.

Do you recognise this too?

What stories are you telling yourself that are holding you back from doing things in life?

Please do share.

BIG love,


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Looking cool dear...

a lot of stories that I am not good enough, awesome enough and smart enough to do it.

Low self-esteem and fear of failing can really do a number on you.

I'm totally oblivious to all things tech. My hubby is a pro at network security.

So, I don't even try to learn more complicated things. I just ask him for help when I get stuck, and he does his magic.

Don't think it's a bad thing necessarily. We're all different and have special gifts, but... I get what you mean. Outsourcing whatever isn't your zone of genius is not a problem. Telling yourself that others are better than you, and then feeling incompetent as a result is.

It's great you became aware of what's really holding you back! Thoughts in your mind. And now you know you can change them ;) Good start, @ashleykalila!

It's true! I'm THE WORST at doing this to myself. Case in point: on Saturday, my friend rented out a roller skating rink for her birthday party. I wouldn't have gone because I thought I would suck at rollerskating and I was terrified of falling, except it was her 30th, so I definitely couldn't flake. I decided to lace on some skates and just try it out and I had SO MUCH FUN. I fell at the end because I got a little too confident and I just laughed it off. Now I have a big bruise on my butt, but at least I had fun and showed myself I could do it.

I used to hold myself back a lot too in the past but certain events transpired that made my change my outlook in life! You are inside a fake prison and the only thing that holds you back is your thoughts, it always sounds cheesy but you can actually do everything you set your mind to do :-D

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It is what the mind does. --; it's kind of ego.. good day~

What an epic realization @ashlekalila, I love epiphanies, because it's always the simple things that have the greatest impact on our lives.

If we essentially become the very stories that we tell ourselves, then we better start telling better stories! :D

Loved your post,

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