💥A Day In My Life!💥

3년 전


Gals and Guys

Bots and Humanoids

How excited I am to share this with you!

I want to experiment more with video so I came up with this little nugget.

A Day In My Life!


And tbh, not every day is like this because this was especially busy hanging out with peeps I love from the bottom of my heart!

I'd love to hear your feedback!

Do you like it?

What would you like to see more of?

Any vlogging or editings tips?

Tell me all!

BIG love,


♫Music in video♫

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The bikeeee!!! I want a bikee!! :)

OMG biking everywhere! that is so cool although it is cooler there. I bike 10 minutes and I look like I was dunked in the ocean.

Isn't mcdo fries cooked in beef lard? I had a Buddhist friend and when we learned that locally it is cooked with beef lard he was so sad because it was his favorite.

Living learning and growing, well done! I liked the glasses, funky!