🌸There Lies Great Strength In Saying Sorry🌸

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I’m sorry.

Just simply seven letters yet these can be the hardest words to leave your mouth.

And why?

The acknowledgement of our own faults and the justification of our imperfect nature.

When actually this is one of the most beautiful things to be able to say.

First of all because you actually have the chance to say these words to that person.

We never know when our time will come to an end on this gorgeous blue planet so it is wonderful to take that chance to truly say what’s lingering on our heart.

Secondly, truly deeply realizing that you made a mistake shows immense strength and understanding of oneself.

When you are able to say sorry, you are actually showing that you are an ever evolving human being who reflects on who they are and why they do what they do.

How effing powerful is that?

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And thirdly, you are giving an opportunity for you (and the other person) to move into a softer, loving space in which you can meet in truth.

This is for the times when you are truly sorry and know that whatever you did (or didn’t do) or said (or didn’t say).

I’m sorry

Words that have healed hearts.

Words that have moved mountains.

Words that have excavated emotion.

Sometimes they may be hard to say but that’s only because you are stopping the flow of your growth.

In order to evolve and grow, you need to reflect, acknowledge, honour and lovingly criticize yourself.

And this is no simple easy feat.

It takes great courage.

And insight.

And heart.

And all of you.

Here’s to saying ‘I’m sorry’.

Simply seven letters

BIG love,


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That's really cool post i really like

For some people almost impossible even

Its not that hard, but it should hurt a little but inside of guilt when you do and you REALLY mean it

There's nothing like the peace you feel after say it. It's freedom. I like this post, very good