☀Liberation Festival Aftermovie☀

3년 전

On the 5th of May, it is the Day of Liberation.

And in The Netherlands, across the whole country, different cities host the 'Liberation Festival'.

A free festival with a plethora of different artists, dj's and musicians.

It's always a really nice day, where a ton of people get together to enjoy ourselves.

As I am experimenting more with videos, I decided to make an atmospheric feely video.

Of my experience.

I really like it!

I didn't film this to show who the artists are or what you can do there.

It's an aftermovie showing you my view on the festival.

I hope you like it!

And as always, any tips are COMPLETELY welcome!

BIG love,


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How fun! I bet that was a good time. If I was there, I would've been one of those high-flying kites, way up in the clouds, drifting.


Twas indeed!!!

Yeaaa Cabe :) Thank you for being here.
Been meaning to connect with you

wow, that's great job..

I read a lot about this partner of steemit, and is a excellent alternative!!!