The big moment is here "My Solemn act and my Physics Degree".

3년 전

Hello Steemit, I would like to share this moment that my family and especially me waited for, I had to spend 6 months to be able to have in my hands what I most wanted. physics degree.

You may ask, why so much time? Well to be honest, the University of Zulia is not going through the best times, they always have a strike of workers in the middle of the semester, which is critical but probably not the only university in the country in these conditions. When I defended my Special Degree Work in mid-November of last year, the competent entities claimed that I no longer had the chance to enter with graduates of that promotion, it was probably not the only case, as it happened to me, it happened to many people. That's how I waited for the next solemn act, having the opportunity to get my degree without the solemn act, being much faster but I wanted to have my solemn act.

Subsequently, I made all the procedures to close the degree file, the wait was still there, since they had not published the price for the next solemn act in 2018. And then day came and it was like a bucket of cold water for many. The cost that we had pay to be able to close the degree file was accessible since it corresponded with the price of the act of December 2017, but the exorbitant increase of price for the solemn act was a problem for many.

On the other hand, most of my colleagues in the degree, only four more students, when they get close to receiving the degree; They decided to go through the box office. For them, the situation in the country had some influence and they preferred to have it in hand for any eventuality, since the electoral elections were approaching. In my case, I had expected a lot, much more than my colleagues, it was less than a month of difference between the the box office arrival and the solemn act. In my opinion, I think it was better to wait, as always risking to get the best.

As some say, I was already on the train and no way to get off. Well, I pay the difference with sacrifice, and so I entered the list of graduates of May 2018 of the illustrious UNIVERSITY OF ZULIA.

The event.

The solemn act was in a renowned Palace in Venezuela, a beautiful place, there where at least 1549 graduates of different careers including some PhD. A unique moment where each graduate attends accompanied by families and friends.

I was accompanied by my parents, who were my support to emerge, to whom I owe this triumph, to have fulfilled this goal that has been long but fruitful. They did everything possible so that I would not lack anything and could succeed at all times. Thanks to them, I am the woman that I am now and this title belongs to they, my two eternal fundamental pillars.

My love, my boyfriend and accomplice, together for 5 years, who was with me in the good and the bad, supporting me at all times, whom I thank because he did not leave me at any time alone. Who became a third pillar and in conjunction with my parents, are three fundamental pillars in my life.

In the act I was elbowed with two graduates in mathematics, with whom I shared the whole event with many photos, stories, and laughs

Regrettably I attended the event alone and I would have liked to share this moment with my fellow graduates but it was not possible, in the face of adversity as I could, I tried to have fun at the moment. Many photos between us but I could not miss with the title.

The Celebration.

As we know in the country the economy is critical but despite this, we decided to celebrate at home among ourselves with some snacks and make the usual toast for a better future. Note: Thankfully my mother keeps liquor for any occasion that comes, especially for graduations of his children hahaha.

Today I can say with great pride that I am legally a PHYSICS of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Happy with my title in hand ... oohhhh yea!

As you may have noticed, I have been quite busy with this event, actually more than a month in the process and has prevented me from being on the platform frequently, therefore I offer apologies. I hope to keep getting quality articles in science and more now that I have a little time.

Greetings dear readers.

Photos taken with Lg L70 camera and EasyShare C140 kodak camera.

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