Silver Jubilee

4개월 전

A quarter of a century ago to this date, someone was born.

I was never the type that is good at remembering dates. If not for the fact that I can use a simple mnemonic to remember 8/8, I'd won't even be aware that today was my special day.

But to think of it, the actual MVP of the day isn't even myself. All I did was got popped out of my mums tummy and then did the baby cry thing.

My real hero for today is my dear mum @kadishakho who on today 25 years, gone through her first painful child birth.

I remember my she told me that my birth was marked by 8 days of prior cramps and pain as she literally cannot do anything but lay on the bed. At least I think that's what I think she told me.

What I do remember tho, is the subsequent 25 of trouble, heartache, and stress I caused my mom as I grew up. Sorry mum.

So for today, at 25 years old, working so far abroad from home and family, as I blow the birthday candle and make my wish, know that the wish wasn't made for myself.

Thanks @coingecko for the cake and the birthday song! You guys are the best bunch!

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