El Pueblo de Santa Claus / Aldea de Papá Noel en Laponia - Finlandia Rovaniemi - navidad

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People are happy to congratulate their loved ones on birthdays because of the privacy of the person and bring joy and happiness to his heart,And also see in the greeting cards beautiful phrases varied touches the taste of the presenter and the provider,Christmas also means family, love and attention,Everyone wants to be distinguished by their own messages, and in the following we will mention a selection of congratulations.

Congratulations on Christmas

  • O flower in the orchard, O beautiful as the cedar of Lebanon, every day, and your heart in Christ is full.
  • O angels of heaven, Zorim, and before the people their joy, and the birth of Jesus Hnihm.
  • He may love you, and he will be for you, but whatever he loves does not love you, love of Christ.
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