36 Hours To Live

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@themarkymarky made a post yesterday asking us to think about what we would do if we had 36 hours to live. You can check out the original post here.


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Anyway. It got me thinking, what would I really do? I think about death often, it has followed me through life like most humans, I suppose. I have been a little more exposed to it, serving in the war, hurricane clean up, firefighting, etc. So I have a little bit of experience when it comes to the grim reaper.

If I said I didn't fear death, I would be lying. It is natural to fear death it is what keeps us going isn't it? Life and the pursuit of making new life is the evolutional force that drives us.

For me, though, I will face death when my time comes I know that I can not run from it and it is pointless to ignore it. I hope I am strong at the end and my children proud of my strength. I have already lost my chance to die in battle, but I gained the chance to witness my children growing up and that is quite a joyful experience. It is my hope that I know death is coming and I will accept it bravely and set an example for my children, make them proud.

A field by our house

What would I do for the last 36 hours?

I would unplug the phones and the TVs and tell stories with @mrsbadger (yes that is her actual account, just not active yet) about our lives and cherish my children alone in our home. I would try to write down a few things for my kids to remember me by and hope that my wife continues on raising them the way we have so far and how we plan to (I know she would). Of course, I would try and leave her with a parting gift too, nothing cures the sadness of death like a new life!

We would take a walk outside together and listen to the wind in the trees, the song of the birds, and laugh when I get upset about an obnoxious lawn mower or tractor ruining the peaceful silence. @mrsbadger would be annoyed by now and I would have to remind her I only have 36 hours to live every 2 or 3 minutes.

In the 35th hour, I would take matters into my own hands and end my own life. This would be a final lesson to my children that no matter what happens in life you must take charge of your own destiny, never leave it up to someone else.

In my original comment on @themarkymark’s post, I said I would jump into a pit of spears. You know what, if it didn't waste any of my 36 hours digging the pit and collecting the spears I totally would do it. What an honorable death!

Well, what started as a joke, turned out to be quite a thought-provoking experience for me and I thank @themarkymark for the opportunity.

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Isn’t this an interesting topic! Your post is great by the way. I was only disappointed to learn @mrsbadger hasn’t started blogging yet because I reckon we’d learn a few truths about you! 🤪

It’s an interesting thing, contemplating ones own death, and whilst it’s probably not best to dwell on it I think it’s legit to think about it more than not at all. I have always said that I won’t end up in a nursing home...Your spear idea sounds Spartan-ish and that’s legit but for me it’s a 9mm handgun I think. I’d be taking my future into my own hands also.

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Thanks, @galenkp! I hope @mrsbadger starts to blog soon too, but her profession is social media so at the end of the day she is sick of it I'm sure!

The spear thing comes from Norse mythology saga of the volsungs. His brother is captured and they respect him so they offer him the decision to choose how he dies. In order to retain his honor after being captured, he chooses being thrown in a pit of spears. Mind you these are the offspring of a woman who who sew there clothes onto their skin as children and rip it off to see of they would scream. If they didn't they were worthy of the name volsung!

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I’ve heard of that actually, or read it somewhere. Better than a pit of snakes like Ragnar huh?

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Hi @balticbadger, I just came across this and found it interesting, your response I mean. I would say that it's not something a lot of people would consider despite the fact all of us will die sooner or later. This is a good, measured and honest post. Nice.

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Howdy sir badger! You are telling us your vision, are you asking what we'd do?
hey I didn't know your wife is going to start on steemit! What kind of blog is she interested in doing?