Bania Tuesday Motivation: Put The Will Before The Skill, Grab The Wheel of Life and Control What You See

3년 전
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The presence of a strong will is the transition of man into greatness and the absence of desire is a friendly approach to failure.
Kazeem Bania Olabisi

So many people think all they need to succeed is to be talented and have the right skill, but from personal experience, I have seen that will and strong desire beat talent and skill. Why?

Because the way forward is not forward, straight and friendly, it's a rugged route that only rugged people with a strong will and desire can pass triumphantly.

It's easy to give up when all you working with is talent and skill, and it's easy to scale up when you working with a strong will and desire.

Hard work beat talent when talent doesn't work hard.

You will move from where you are to where you want to be the day you take a strong stand and get willingly to succeed. The will always create a way if its strong and persist.


There's nothing wrong with being smart, but being hardworking helps create way faster even when it seems difficult and that's why it called Hard Work.

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Skill and will have nothing to do with each other to me will it self has power to develop skills.


How far can you go with only skill?


How fast can you go with only will?

If you want greatness, go with only will

If you want speed, go with only skill

But if you want greatness and speed, then go with both.

So you see how they relate?


You are right but in my life will has proven track record ;)