The Problem With School

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I don't care about going to college, I have dropped out of high school since I discovered that what I want to do with my life didn't relate to going to school in any way. I told my parents; if you're demanding that I go to school, that indirectly means you're telling me to go and waste 4 years of my little time on earth studying and doing something I don't like and I'm not going to use or need in life.

Why not allow me to invest that four years into independent learning of the things that matter to me so I can acquire the right education for the fulfillment of my dreams. Isn't it better if I invest that four years doing directly what I want to do in life than going to do something not related for the first four years and after that trying to just begin life afresh.

My parent had a difficult time allowing me to jump over college, they were scared of many things. They can't figure out other ways one can become successful in life without a college degree. They both have one and they had this promise to give their children the best education. Not knowing that the best education doesn't get served in school.

I had to tell them many times that the world has changed and left them behind. They were still in the industrial age where school certificate is the automatic way to success. They belief so much in the security that job gives and my mom will say; my son, no matter what, you will get paid your salary at the end of the month.

The Problem

Security is Not Better Than Freedom: school makes us believe that we can can secure our future with a job and earn salary for a long time until we can't work anymore and then we hope for pension. People became blind to the fact that freedom is the best security anyone can gain and that freedom is easily gained if one start early in life building and working on their dreams and financial life.

School Kills Creativity: until I drop out, I didn't know all the amazing things I could do. I couldn't fully unleash my entrepreneurial skill and I didn't know that I can be so much knowledgeable beyond the limit of the classroom. Back then in school, I had worried about how I was going to understand everything the teachers taught me, obviously I couldn't because I was constantly being taught too many things than I needed to know, too many unnecessary subjects and no real life practices. No one of us thought then that we had great talents and could learn amazing skills or even become world problem solvers. Our teachers only made us know that we need to study hand to get good grades, promote to the next class and hope we get employed after school in a country where employment is a dream that hardly come through.

Education is the Most Important: school is one of the ways to gain an education and the most boring of all the ways I know. To me, it's boring to have someone called a teacher come in turn to tell me what they read somewhere and try to influence into my head their belief and knowledge. I want the source of education and that's how I understand things best. Today, it's a pity that students don't really get educated in school anymore, but stored in their head some lines of books to pass a test or an examination. The right education for leaving and surviving in life which is the best education is not taught in school.

Leaving life, doing things, making mistakes, failing in a venture, reading books and telling others how you did is the best education for living and becoming successful not going to school.

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Ah, I love this post since (as my mom @ladyrebecca pointed out) it speaks of so many things close to me. See, I think the same way, I also dropped out of school for pretty much the same reasons. What's great is that you parents let you drop out, in the end. I have a good friend who wasn't so fortunate to have her parents allow that and she suffered through years of depression in high school for it. And to me, that's not an alternative or at least, it shouldn't be.

I really agree with the points you make, but the thing is school doesn't guarantee security either. I've seen loads of people with a college education who are living like tramps, who can't get a job. The trick is they make you think that there's a plan. You go to school, you go to college, you get a degree and then you'll get a job. But often, it's not like that at all. After all, the employers aren't lining up, waiting for you to finish school and you'll really have to fight to get to a good place, but school doesn't usually tell you that. I think it's just as hard finding a job with a degree as it is without.
The very best of luck to you! :) I really enjoyed this article :D


Thank you @honeydue for reading this and stopping by to drop your insightful input.

Yeah, I was a bit fortunate to have my parent agree to let me drop out, but that was pretty much because I was determined and fought for it until the victory became mine. I needed to start producing results and proves to them that I can do better in school. It took a lot from me and until tomorrow I have no regret yet and I don't anticipate anyone yet.

And yeah I sincerely agree with you that school doesn't guarantee security either, its part of the deceit we were lured into and it's crazy that few young ones are waking up to the reality and pursuing their life dream and aspiration.

Since we both have the same mindset on this with great insight, I'm thinking that we should plan for a podcast to discuss this together and share it with the world.

Or what do you think?


Oh wow, I've never done a podcast before, but that sure sounds like fun! :D

For a moment I thought I was reading something my daughter @honeydue wrote. She's just like you, building her own future after dropping out of high-school.
School is a prison and in today's world it's becoming irrelevant.
Good luck with everything!


Wow, you must have a very intelligent daughter, I wish her well in pursuing her life dreams and hope you give her enough support too.

I will check out her steemit blog and see how we can connect.

Thanks for reading and stopping by.

There is a clear distinction between education and schooling. While education is what brings the creativity and genius out of a person, just a few percentage gets it in a classroom. But, education comes in form of experience and we can gather it anywhere, even in the classroom. The problem is just that many are shrinked to where they don't fit like trying to make a fish act like a monkey. We all have capabilities and where we are good at. Everybody should be specialized in their area of passion not dictated area.

A lot of people wants their child to become Doctors, Lawyers and the likes staying oblivious to the fact that their child have little or no interest in it. Look at people like Neymar Jr, Mbappe, Rashford... These people know less about mathematics but you can dare them on the pitch. People should do what they love and shouldn't be forced to do anything.

Brilliant post @bania


Excellent comment bro and that draws out my point on this post. If a child shows some great talent at a very young age, train him up in that line and don't mandate him to go to school to study in other to become a doctor or a lawyer because you couldn't become one.

What the world want is success and result, if you are successful or your life shows a great result, the world will celebrate you regardless of whether you go to school or not

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