When No One Believes In You - Remember This!

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Why are you still like this?

Why haven't you achieved that great dream?

Why is that amazing idea with potential still pending as a mere idea on paper??

When will the world finally hear your voice?

When will the universe appreciate your rare talent?

When will everyone begin to see the future, you're seeing?

How will you move from here to that dream land?

How on earth are you still broke with all those great ideas and concepts.

How, how and how?

Because no one believes in you enough to assist your destiny, no one is seeing what you are seeing. No one is thinking the same as you. Your dream life is too big for any other person to comprehend talk about believing in. You are the dreamer of your dream, you are the seer of your vision, you are the one who conceives those inventions and innovation. .

Instead of believing in you and helping you achieve your dreams, they will tell you to believe in yourself, they will tell you to keep pushing on that one day you will make it. Don't hate them, they are only helping your life, they are eliminating any future bursting anyone might want to make about helping you reach greatness.

Remember that they are not in your shoes, so they can't understand you as much as you understand yourself. They can't really believe in the dream they didn't dream even though you try to share the dream with them. When you make it, they will come to say that they know you will make it.

That's why you have to find a way to make it. Give it whatever it takes, the same energy you need to fail is the same you need to succeed.

Don't give up.

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No one believes in my crypto passion, that's for sure lol My family thinks im nuts


I'm kind of doing steeming on a low key because I'm kind of in fear. I believe I will succeed on the platform and yeah I won't give up. It's sad when just few people support what you do.


Yeah I remember this actress saying in an interview that she keeps her goals and dreams secret and doesn't tell it to anyone so they won't put negative energy or doubts onto it. People are quick to do that.


Of course people can be very discouraging. The best thing is summed up in this quote I read years ago,

Tell the world what you intend to do, but first show it.


Yes, @cyberblock, they are not going to believe now, some will even criticize you.

Its all good because if they all believe now, you might lose insight to the deep discovery and experience that comes with struggling to succeed and then finally succeeding.

That's the most interesting part of success, to have a story of "no one believes in me at the beginning, but look at where I am now"

This is so inspiring. Yeah, I'm gonna push hard and be ignorant enough to make fortune. Thanks for inspiring @bania. I'm gladly resteeming this


Thanks a lot @tobah,

That piece of inspiration was purposefully written to motivate myself at a point I was almost giving up on my dreams. So I thought sharing it with others will help someone in my shoe to get inspired and motivated to do whatever it takes to make their dream come through.

I believe I am in the best position to believe in myself and that's the most important believe I need to succeed.


You wrote very well. I was so inspired when I read it. Thanks, it really helped and I'm glad you were also motivated by your own post. That's a reminder of the High Road principle,

When we help others, we help ourselves

Keep bringing that motivation!

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