The Benefits of Moralizing


Morale, purpose, and happiness are three major factors that determine our level of Morale. One's Morale is the driving force that compels one to action. Purpose, on the other hand, defines what we do in the service of happiness. The higher our purpose, the more clearly we see our purpose and the clearer our happiness. Let's examine these three factors.

Purpose: What do we mean by moralizing? Most of us define moralizing as doing something for a purpose. For example, I'm going to mow the lawn; I'd rather mow the lawn than sit at home and watch television. When I take an action for a particular purpose, I feel happier; it feels good to "do something".

I know people who think that morality and happiness are the same. They believe that, when someone is dead, their purposes have been fulfilled. I think this happens for some people because they don't fully explore what their true purpose is - where they were supposed to be, who they're supposed to be with, etc. They don't see how their actions affect people around them. They believe that the world is "bigger" than themselves.

While this may be partially true, I don't believe it for a minute. People are not "saved" if they don't find a way to live happily. People need to find meaning and satisfaction outside their daily lives. If they can't find it, then their happiness will inevitably suffer.

It's difficult to find this kind of meaning and satisfaction. It takes effort and courage. This is what gives meaning to my work and my life. Without action, there can be no morality. Without courage, there can be no integrity.

The greatest lesson to be learned from history is that most people are bound to do wrong, at least once in their life. In fact, the greats didn't make it to where they are today (they were born poor) without making some horrible mistakes along the way; and they certainly didn't make good choices. When people have committed evil acts, they should at least have the opportunity to correct themselves, learn from their mistake, and move on; and in doing so, gain a better understanding of their own humanity. In the process, they gain the happiness, fulfillment, and an improved sense of who they are.

The only problem with morality is that some people have a hard time accepting that there's a right and wrong way to live. They tend to see morality as a set of arbitrary rules that dictate what people should do. It's not, and never has been, that way. The only way to improve morality is to change the way people look at morality - and the only way to change people is to change the way people look at themselves.

One way that people can change is to choose to view themselves as separate from others. Viewing others as merely extensions of themselves automatically creates a selfish attitude. A selfish attitude is an unnatural occurrence in human societies because it leads to hatred and mass killing. People should instead give attention to helping other people, as well as looking after their own happiness. Viewing others as mere extensions of one's self is a moralizing approach that will lead to mass murder. It is in such a moralizing society that people should be forced to act against their own interests, and to help each other.

If we want to improve morality then we should also have to convince people that it's in their best interest to help one another, and to live in a society that respects individual rights. If people are told that their happiness is more important than other people's happiness, then they will be forced to take care of each other, and they will be forced to take the correct path for happiness. If people are told that living in a society where the happiness of others is more important than their own happiness is an evil, then they will be motivated to live in such a society.

This is one way that people can improve the morality of their lives. Another way is to make sure that their actions are right in line with the morality of that society. If they find that their actions are in line with the wrong morality, then they might start to practice different morality. That's why it's important to have a good moral code to begin with. If you go against the right morality, then you'll end up being in a very bad place indeed.


Now, this is just one step on the ladder of morality. There's a whole other ladder which leads to right actions and happiness. The most important thing here is to start practicing morality right from the beginning itself. That's how easy it is to achieve a right moral code.

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