Children & Adoption

2년 전

The child has the right to be received, heard and protected. And count on the fact that someone was there for a long time. So long to have time to nourish and sate with your presence. Let's relax ...

Children grow up without it. But only physically. Emotionally, they remain all at the same needy age. They can look very independent, so as not to reveal all the inner emptiness and loneliness. They are waiting for someone to guess, come and help. It will be just the way it should be. And as much as it takes. Sometimes they wait for years. Do not move from the place, feeling the learned helplessness.

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es cierto amiga hoy en dia los niños, no vinieron al mundo por si mismos, pues alguien los concibió, nacer es un regalo de la vida, y todos los niños del mundo merecen ser queridos y tener un hogar!!