2년 전

I watched the short film.
Also has understood that I always was such - in collectives, in college. Closed, lonely.
And somehow it seemed to me that otherwise.

And now I think - so it can be somehow different.
But how?

How to learn to communicate with people?
How to accept yourself and them?


I understand that if it picks up so much, then it will be even worse for me. I'm always alone. I'm alone at home, I'm alone in the street, I'm alone in college. Even among the crowd - huge crowds on the streets !! I'm alone.

I look at the guys who are having fun.
And I envy them. As in this short film, I would podschla and began to communicate cheerfully.

But instead I sit and ... and look at them.

And then my interest in them, my fears, stop WORRY !!!!!!!

And I do not know what to do about it.
I come home - watch TV shows.
I have no desire to learn, there is no possibility and no strength.
I'm afraid of neighbors
I can not even relax at home

Chyo with this you can do ??
The only hope that I have is the STEEMIT community

Then I started to get support

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I wish I understood Russian. It looks interesting.


Is not there a subtitle? It seems that there were subtitles


Subtitle is in Russian which I don`t understand.